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This small sampling of excerpts taken from the thousands of letters
we have received from our customers will hopefully give
you a good cross-section of their comments.
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that our platform is assembled, stained, and finished. I found it to be everything that the website promised. I do not like to order items sight unseen thru the internet, so I ordered the sample kit first. I was not disappointed. The quality is excellent, all of the parts fit together perfectly, and I had no issues with the assembly. It also arrived a day earlier than promised. A quality product made in the U.S.A. Two thumbs up, five stars, a perfect 10. I would highly recommend your products to anyone!
Frank, IL
In reference to my order: We love this bed! You people got it right! We assembled as instructed by reading very carefully and looking at the parts before starting the assembling process, one carton at a time. Our experience down through the years with things of this nature is that not all parts arrive with the item as is shown in their instructions, or parts are damage (poor quality control) but NOT YOURS! We were "IMPRESSED" not only with the ease of assembly, but the quality of wood products, hardware, & written instructions. Now, That's Made in America and the way it should be!!!! Not one time did I have to call you for instructions, parts, or damaged goods. Like I said, "You people have got it right"!, in fact, I think that you could teach the world "how to package" their products with less Styrofoam, plastics, etc., so that we are not paying (shipping costs) so much to ship items. You have cut out the waste in shipping and have narrowed it to a science! That is how good companies survive! Ken & I thank you! You have a great product! May you continue to bless the USA with this quality. You are very much appreciated in our house! #322
Ken & Barb, OR
When I received my drawer packages, my neighbor was sure there wasn't enough stuff. But of course the kit was excellent down to the last screw...Since I am a widow and live in a condo, my neighbors were watching to see If I could follow directions & complete the project without calling in male help. Success - it was easy with your directions. Thanks for your prompt delivery and a quality bed. #217
B. Baird
We ordered a 6 drawer twin and a 12 drawer queen. After a long delay we were finally able to assemble them and we're more than satisfied with the result. I was about to try to build a bed along the same lines as the Anderson design, to try to maximize the storage space in our small house. Thankfully, we discovered your kit before I spent hours building something which would not have been as well thought out. As a fairly experienced carpenter, I'm impressed at how structurally sturdy the beds are, even though they are light enough to move around easily after they are assembled. My first thought was to glue all the joints as I went along (which would have ruined the potential for disassembly), but I trust Midwesterners, so I followed the directions to a good result. The assembly directions are much clearer than you usually find with put-it-together-yourself furniture...The saving grace in your directions are the good diagrams and photos, which are sometimes worth more than step-by-step text. Overall, the beds are great products, well worth the price, and a marvelous way to create storage when you are short of closets and floor space for additional dressers. Keep up the good work! #152
A. Haakenson
We love our Anderson bed. We purchased the 6 -drawer king bed & the 2 end drawers in honey pine...We had the best nights sleep on our new bed. Thanks so much. We specifically chose the Anderson bed for its craftsmanship and we were not disappointed. The bed is absolutely beautiful. We also wanted to purchase a bed that was made in America. We truly bought our bed to keep Americans at work. Plus, the craftsmanship of Americans is hard to beat. Everyone who has seen our bed since we assembled it really likes it. I "plug" your company at every opportunity because you truly deserve it. The additional storage space your bed provides really helps to cut down clutter. Thank you so much for making such wonderful beds...#155
L. Burt
We just finished putting the bed together...We are very happy with the out come, the bed is beautiful and a great space saver... The bed seems to be quality... Thanks, it was worth the work and thanks for the quality control ie: no missing parts! #263
T. & E. Frith, IL
I am a remodeling contractor here in Virginia and at times my small (3 man) crew are known for taking on the difficult as well as the custom site built nooks, crannies, closets & cabinets. My wife had ordered a single decker storage unit from you some time ago & I was surprised after stepping over boxes for a few days, to come home one day and find that she has assembled it herself. I am the last letter writer in the world, but I had to tell you - YOU GUYS DO GOOD WORK. I'M IMPRESSED. #215
H. Gray, VA
Just wanted to let you know how easy the Underbed storage units were to assemble. This is a great product, Thank you
W. McIntosh, CA
We bought your set of drawer units for 12...We love the extra storage and the quality is good. Our children now want sets under their beds. #262
C. & R. Turner, MA
Your bed was just perfect for our small bedroom. We have so many comments on the storage space and the look of the bed.
J. & B. Denney, MN
Thank you for your outstanding product!! We were pleased with your quality and ease of assembly. . . You will have a return customer in the future.
L. Saige OR
We are really enjoying our new underbed drawer system. We were able to move one dresser out of our room which allows us a more spacious look that we prefer. Also, there is a most notable change in the support of our mattress. My husband and I are both sleeping well and notice the change.
A. Schaffer MD
My wife and I just finished putting together a 6 drawer queen with end drawer. I have to say your instructions are by far the best I've ever dealth with. You put a lot of time and effort into them, and it shows. The Bedroom Organizer works great.
B Carroll, OR
After completing the parts inventory and reading the assembly instructions I easily assembled and found it to be a perfect retrofit to my waterbed storage base. Excellent product, great price and flawless shipping...Thank you very much for an excellent online shipping experience with your company. Another satisfied customer. #7
W. Johnstone, MA
We recently purchased a storage bed in honey oak. We are very pleased with the quality of the product. #8
R. & K. Bader, TN
Just completed assembly of the Bedroom Organizer & we are pleased with the results. Instructions were detailed & thorough. We had somehow misplaced the instructions for the platform but were able to have them sent to us via fax so we were able to complete assembly. Many thanks for that! All in all a quality product & good value for the price. #9
W. Asmann, NY
Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the bed. It is better than what we had hoped. #10
C. Miller, CA
Just wanted to let you know our bed is together and we love the way it turned out.......Glad we found you guys... #15
S. Coleman, TN
Started assembly last night. Man, what a lot of thought went into the designing of this bed. Who in the world figured out how to package everything, that's as amazing as the bed. #16
Thanks for the wonderful service. I was worried about ordering the bed without seeing the item and I am extremely satisfied. #17
T. Martin-Myers, KY
I received my order last week.... I was frankly a bit worried that there could not possibly be enough volume enclosed in the various cartons to contain real furniture. My concern rapidly disappeared as I began assembly. (very impressive packing job!)....... #19
R. Knittle, NY
Thank you for the bed. I received it yesterday afternoon and immediately put it together. Beautiful color, nice design, just lovely. #20
J. Jongkind, IN
Our daughter and son-in-law are VERY pleased with the bed... They said the directions were very clear and easy to follow. Thank you for your excellent service. We would certainly recommend your company. #21
T. Passineau, MI
On a personal note, I want to tell you again that as a retired English writing teacher how much I appreciate the very clear assembly instructions. Obviously, someone spent a good deal of time in the preparation,... #24
L Syrop, HI
Don't quit making these under-bed organizers and don't make any changes to how they are packaged or how the instructions are worded. Everything was perfect. All pieces arrived intact and pristine....Thank your for producing a fine product... #25
T. & J. Eddins, FL
Received our ultimate bed and storage unit... Great Bed! Absolutely awesome.(thank the Lord for cordless screw guns)Everything went together fine, no missing parts or screws. Thanks for the quality product. #27
T. & F. Pary, MN
We purchased one of the platforms with drawers for our guest room.... My husband put it together with ease & it looks great! It's hard to find a product in this day & time that you're willing to thank the manufacturer for. Thanks for the spirit. #28
L. & G. Hockman, VA
Ordered 12 drawer organizer & 2 end drawers & was VERY pleased - not only of the quality of the product, but every nut, bolt, screw, etc. was there, neatly packed, clear instructions & easy to assemble!...Thanks. #29
D. Raab, MI
We are very happy with our bed. We have a small bedroom and needed to open the room up. This solved our problem. We got a new bed and a new room at the same time.... The directions are fabulous. They were so easy to understand. We were amazed at how great they were. The diagrams helped a great deal. #30
Tammy & Dave
I really do like your bed. I needed storage space & it is the answer. Thanks. #31
M. Davis
Just wanted to say Thank You for making a quality bed. It keeps us warm and doesn't squeak like our old bed did.... It turns out to be the best bed I've ever slept on. #32
J. Parker, WA
Great bed! Generally, I am not very fond of mail order... I hope to order more pieces later. #33
C. Stump
I am so happy with my new platform bed....Your directions made everything simple to follow... Thanks for offering such a high quality product for a reasonable price. Your customer service has been exceptional. I am sure I will be enjoying my new bedroom set for many years. #34
E. Winder, TX
T. & K. Cutler, NE
Just a short note to let you know that we really like the under drawer dresser. It was relatively easy to put together... Thank you. #36
D. Merkel, WI
Just finished building a 6-drawer bed platform set. I would like to thank you for the excellent directions & quality materials... Thanks again, I'm sure my daughter will enjoy the storage space for years to come. #37
B. & M. Hanson, NC
I ordered the bedroom organizer with 2 sets of 6 drawers and the platform for a queen bed. I had just driven in from a 500 mile trip, saw the boxes delivered...I personally built this organizer myself. I did use a screw gun. It looks great, I love it. Thanks for making it so easy to put together. #43
B. Russell
My husband and I stained and assembled the 6 drawer system a couple of weeks ago and we really appreciate the opportunity to utilize the extra space under the bed that was previously wasted! We had no trouble following the instructions. I also enjoy not having to clean under the bed or bother with a dust ruffle. #44
G. Haltman
I was very pleased with your product. We purchased the twin bed 6 drawers. The directions were very easy to understand and complete. Keep up the good work. #45
J. Weisbecker
Just wanted to take the time to say that we love our new set of drawers under our queen bed! We had always wanted to store extra t-shirts and sweaters, etc., but I didn't think buying the Rubbermaid boxes was so great because there's still dust under the bed...It was one our shared Christmas presents to each other... It's great! Thank you! And no more "Dust Bunnies"! Just storage! Of course the "Bunnies" have moved to another part of the house! Thank you for a wonderfully designed drawer set. #46
Karen & Larry
Thanks for the Great Bed! Workmanship was excellent, machined cuts & groves were accurate. I was also happy with the final appearance. You also did a good job with the instructions... I am very happy with your product. #47
M. Bortko
...As our bedroom is small, we really needed the extra storage space your bed frame allowed....So far it has proved to be sturdy and gives us what we needed. #48
C. & C. Smith, FL
I have finished putting your base together & found the directions were very good. Your product is of excellent quality & We are looking forward to many years of use. #49
C. Hall, FL
Finished putting our 12 drawer - queen size bedroom organizer together... It went together really well...We used our own comfort-air mattress and headboard and we are enjoying the extra storage. #54
G. & B. Kline, FL
For many years I have seen & wanted one of your beds...We'll keep up the good work, I really like my bed. Thanks. #56
S. Guyan, CA
I've just put together your queen size platform bed with 12 side drawers and 2 end drawers. Your directions are very clear...All in all I'm very pleased. It's solid, drawers glide nicely. I hope it will remain as un-squeaky as it is now. Keep up the high quality control. #58
C. Stone, NC
We ordered your twin 6 drawer platform beds...We are very satisfied with your product. The organizer is very sturdy. My 14 yr old son is 5'9", 195 lbs, and he says the bed is very comfortable. #59
G. Smith
I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you see my finished assembly of your bed. For 2 years I had promised my wife that I would build us a bed to replace the cheap frame our S.C. mattress was on. Finally I came across your bed in a catalog and realized that it was the next best thing to my custom design, and wouldn't cost me many hours of woodworking! I stained it to match our antiques and we couldn't be happier. Thanks again and keep up the work! #60
P. Wright, AL
As the old saying goes "turn about is fair play" You have made our day, now we hope this will make your day. We received our bed in good condition. Earl assembled it according to your instructions...We are extremely pleased with the comfort of the mattress. Also, the height of the bed with the 12 storage drawers makes sitting down on the side of the bed easier. No uncomfortable bending. Last, but not the least of our reasons for liking and enjoying the bed, I do not have to bend over to make the bed. This has been a great relief as I have severe back problems. In cleaning, I will say the extra storage space is great. A million thanks. #63
M. & A. Lane
I love my new under the bed dressers. Putting it together was not terribly difficult...I am pleased to be able to utilize the space under the bed because space is such a premium. Thanx. #64
We purchased a full size platform bed with 6 drawers (3 on each side) for our 2 year old son. We love it! It took us a while as we are not your do-it-yourself kind of people. It looks incredible though and I feel a sense of pride for having put it together...Thank you for the great design! I have been looking for a bed like this for over a year and couldn't be happier with it. My son loves it and has 1 side of his bed filled with his toys, the other with linens. #69
K Lunardi
I was very satisfied with the Ultimate Bed... I ordered the king platform & the 12 drawer base. Everything came in one piece from UPS and your instructions were very good. The unit went together fairly quickly with no parts missing. "A very good inspection system"! #70
F. Schultz, FL
I would like to thank everyone who put this package together. Everything was perfect. There was nothing missing. You did an excellent job. I am very happy with this bed. #72
M. Steven
We just added another 6 drawer unit to our existing one and put a platform on top of it... They are a great space efficient storage system. We enjoyed assembling them again, just like the last time. #73
H. Poppinga, FL
We just love our bed...It was easy to assemble, my husband and I actually spent quality time together. Thank you for inventing this bed, it brings couples closer together, by putting the bed together. My husband & I had fun putting this bed together. Thanks again! #74
J. Huff
Mu husband Ernest assembled your bedroom organize kit on 8/29. It went together very easily and the instructions were very clear. All the parts were there. We are very pleased with it and have already slept on it!. It looks very beautiful in the bedroom of our new log cabin. AT the end of the instructions when it all done you should put in big letters: CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID IT! We are glad we ordered from you! #75
M. Lock, PA
This was the second drawers I have ordered as I has to leave my other in my old home - The people who bought it were so fascinated by my bed that they made leaving it a condition of sale. Will probably be ordering more soon as I have little storage in new place. Thanks for a terrific product. #78
C. G.
Excellent instructions. Good telephone assistance with ordering, timing delivery and tracking shipment... It was a pleasure doing business with you. #79
Mrs C. Davis
We have been very satisfied with your product. It was fun assembling and found the instructions very well laid out & understandable...Thanks again for making such a nice product. We have recommended to other people. #80
H. Bartuska
The bed frame went together easily and relatively fast. Of course I couldn't have done it without my husband reading the directions and helping me...All in all it's lovely & sturdy & looks fabulous with the mattress on it. Thanks for putting all of the holes in the right spot & perfect to fit together. #82
A. Semler, NJ
Just these few lines to let you know how much we love our Anderson Bed. We have a mobile home and the 12 drawers are heaven sent! Extra Storage!!! We have been sleeping so wonderful. No more box springs for us!...Our new bed is a wonderful investment. Like I said, we love it. #83
V. Pearson, UT
I built a 6 drawer kit several years ago. We were amazed at the quality & uniqueness of the unit. I just added another 6 drawer to make it a 12 drawer unit. It's wonderful, The second unit went together much faster than the first. Everything is thought of, Thanks for offering this wonderful unit. #89
C. & P. Olsen, WI
After visiting your showroom on a Monday, we received our bed on the following Thursday. We couldn't believe the fast service. After only 2 nights of sleeping on your mattress the lower back pain and sore neck are gone! We have more energy in the morning from a good nights rest. The organizer went together easily. The pieces fit and fit well and all the screws, etc. were there! Thank you for a wonderful product. #92
G. & B. Hoppe, WI
You have an excellent product...Instructions were clearly written and easy to follow. What a clever idea! #93
M. & J. Baker
This 6 drawer platform queen size bed was the best purchase I've made in a long time. It was so easy to put together. Very solid and very comfortable. I'm thinking of ordering another for my daughter. #96
M. Powell, CA
We want to compliment you on your excellent platform and bedroom organizer kit. The workmanship and material were superb. The instructions were easy to follow and all the parts were included. It looks beautiful. It took us longer to put together than we expected, but it was well worth the effort. Thank you. #98
T. & E. Bonica
We bought your 12-drawer queen platform bed...It had the best instructions to follow of all the products I have ever assembled. Love the bed. Thanks. #99
C. Pierson, FL
Just a short note to tell you how much I like your product. I bought an under bed dresser 3 or 4 years ago and liked it so much I bought another with a headboard. I find the dresser very handy and it puts a lot of otherwise wasted space to great use. It's very easy to assemble and very sturdy. Thanks for implementing a great idea. #100
C. Holt, KS
GREAT BED - THANKS! Good instructions. #103
G. Kremer, NH
I ordered the dresser bed from Anderson and may I say it is totally beautiful. I made it queen size with 12 drawers underneath. I am totally and completely pleased. I will be ordering more furniture from Anderson in the future and will be sure to tell all my friends and family. #105
S. Thomas
We purchased a 12 drawer king platform bed. The quality is excellent and for the most part, the instructions were easy to follow. The design approach is very good and sturdy...Overall, we are very happy with our new platform king bed...Thanks, Good luck with your family business. #106
P. Dreyer
Just wanted to let you know that the bed arrived in great shape. I was especially impressed with how fast it arrived. The instructions were the best I have encountered... Very nice bed for a good price. #108
K. Lucas
I ordered your full size bed...I am happy to say that I assembled the entire bed by myself. The instructions were easy to follow...I am very happy with the bed. It is very convenient and the storage comes in handy. #110
G. Frances, NJ
I want to compliment you on your fine product. We purchased the pine 6-drawer bed for our teenage son, frankly to check it out before we invested in an oak 12-drawer bed for ourselves. I can tell you that the oak bed is now high on my shopping list!...I have to say I thought your instruction book was excellent - very clearly worded, logical, good illustrations. (Unlike most instructions that come with such kits!) And all the parts fit! Great!... Keep up the good work! #111
M. Dietrich, WI
We ordered a bed from you and we really like it. #113
B. Charles
I received the beds I orderd and I am happy to say that my daughters are really enjoying them. The assembly was not as complicated as it seemed. The room that they are saving with the drawers underneath the bed is surprising. So this little note is just to say thanks and to let you know you have a satisfied customer #114
M. Pizano, TX
I just finished assembling the bedroom organizer, everything fit & it went together without a problem. Thank you for an excellent product. #115
R. Linn, WI
I got all the pieces to my king platform & double bedroom organizer plus all the hardware and a little extra. Thank you...I'm pleased with the easy to follow instructions and I got a chance to use my cordless drill in putting it all together. Thank you for your prompt shipping. #117
D. Wooley
My wife and I just installed our bedroom organizer...I put it together easily - your instructions are wonderful and complete and our Eathan Allen headboard attached easily (thankfully...Thanks again for making this wonderful product. #120
R. Dolbow, PA
I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new platform bed. I previously had ordered 1 - 6 unit drawer set but then used our box spring and mattress. After 2 yrs. I felt I needed more drawer space and wanted to get rid of box spring and mattress and eventually get an air bed. We ordered an additional 6 unit drawer set and deluxe platform. Replaced our mattress on the bed and now, I'm not waking up with a backache...I have more room to store clothes than I do in my dresser drawers. I just love it...What a wonderful product! I tell all my patients about it. I can even still use my old headboard for a matching bedroom set. #122
S. Lutz, PA
I'm very happy with my Anderson bed - very comfortable, enough storage to replace a dresser & that wonderful headboard with lights and shelf space. I'd recommend it to anyone. #126
Carl, Pound Ridge, NY
We are enjoying the storage benefits of the queen size 12-drawer organizer, especially after down sizing to a smaller home for retirement. It's a relief to get the cartons of clothes put away at last!...#127
J. & C. Shrack
We received our bed in boxes and put it together all three of us. My husband likes the height of the bed, I like the storage space under the bed. Our cats like the height too as they sleep with us. The dog now sleeps on the floor. Hopefully soon we will be ordering one for our son. Great product, great idea. #129
T. & J. Garica, IN
Just finished assembling my second bedroom organizer which was even easier this time. Much pleased with the results...#130
R. Sorenson, AZ
Great Bed! Well made and very innovative. I frankly can't understand why all beds aren't designed like yours. #133
L. Snyder
This is my second under bed! They are really handy for extra storage and are also attractive. #136
J.Chandler, TX
Thanks so much for such a wonderful quality bed!...I was glad to see how the boxes were set up by number, even my Dad was, and he had no problem setting it up. I've had nothing but compliments since I got it, that's enough to give me a big ego. The best part is my cat Spice took it over while my Dad set it up and more so when I put on new sheets and a comforter...#137
D. Johnson & Spice, MO
The bed assembly was wonderfully easy to do. The bedroom organizer has given us much extra needed space. We even have a few empty drawers waiting for stuff! #138
F. & M. Kabal, FL
Thank you so much for "good step-by-step picture instructions". My mother ordered a full bed and my two sons love their new bed...Thanks again for such good quality and beautiful product. We hope to get many years of use from it. #139
R. Monday, AL
Hi Folks! What can we say about your great product that hasn't been said before?... We love the bed - No more aches & pains in the A.M...It was a bit of work - yet lots of fun putting it together. You sell a fine product that you advertise truthfully. Well worth the price. #140
B. & R. Jepson, NJ
I am very pleased with our bed. The quality of the wood and drawers is excellent. All of the parts were there and the instructions were clear. Thank you. #143
Dr. B. Webb, MT
I bought a king size bed with 12 drawer under bed dresser & 4 long drawers going down the middle & I absolutely love it!...thanks for making such a wonderful bed! #144
B. Kousailos, WY
You were right! This is by far the most comfortable mattress I've ever laid on! Beats the old water bed hands down! Great instructions - I know a lot of time & trouble went into writing them! Thanks for a great product. I feel I got my money's worth! #145
K. & S. Corranti, CT
Satisfied customer! The instructions were great! No problems! Hats off to the person(s) who came up with them! Keep up the good work! #147
C. Michell
So far I really like it. You have done an excellent job of writing simple but specific directions - & pictures that really explain. #148
C.B. Maddox, OH
Mu husband & I want to thank you for making a bed that is great. We have had our bed for a couple of weeks. We are sleeping better than ever. We owe it all to our new bed. So thanks for your company and making of our new bed. #149
R. & D. Frank, MD
In the 90's we purchased a 6 drawer and 1 foot drawer for a queen size bed. Living in a condo without much storage area, it was a real treasure. I'm in a double wide mfg. home now and will be selling it furnished. So there goes my great storage area. I now will need one for a double bed and I'll be moving to the Green Bay area. I surely hope you are still making those absolutely fantastic and necessary storage areas (beds). #153
G. Morton, FL
We purchased the deluxe 12 drawer platform bed with headboard and one side table. We love it! It was an adventure putting it together for myself & my husband. Nice quality piece of furniture that we are proud to own. #156
S. & M. Robbins
We finally got our double bed with organizer together. It is wonderful to sleep on (no box spring) and I love the 12 drawers...The bed was very well engineered. Everything fit together & was fairly easily screwed together. Our five cats miss being able to hide under the bed, but that is a plus for us. #160
J. Youngner, CA
Absolutely awesome...I'll be sure to continue to recommend people to your company. #162
S. Arakawa
Your instructions are the best I've seen anywhere...Your packaging of parts is straight-forward and doesn't require identifying shrink-wrapped parts against a diagram. It is simplicity itself... #164
K. Getz, IL
Thank you!...I love it! Easier than I thought! #165
K. Cash,NC
We are really thrilled with the bed. Thank you for the excellent workmanship and design. #167
P. Elliott, CA
With your web page "Get a Quote" it was easy to complete an order selecting the components that we desired to custom make our daughters bed. The order was delivered in 5 days arriving in 4 separate boxes that were relatively easy to handle. The instructions were extremely easy to follow and with only a cordless drill and a tape measure, we assembled the entire bed. The components were well machined and fit together very well and the overall engineering of the bed was superb...You make a superior product and we would be happy to recommend it to anyone. #168
G. & C. Cook, VT
We just moved from a condo to a floating home on Lake Union... - Your cool bed is perfect and is now our "complete bedroom set"! Thanks for a wonderful product! Everyone is raving about it! #170
K. & S. Eckhart, WA
Bed is assembled and absolutely perfect...It really is an attractive piece of furniture. #173
E. Carter, TX
We are very pleased with our 12 drawer queen with end drawers. The bed is beautiful and sleeps great...Everything is the quality I expected. #176
D. Stanley
Well we finally completed the project of assembling our bed...It really turned out to be everything I expected...We really like the way it turned out. Another words "I love it"!! #177
B. Johnson, KS
All packages arrived. Went together easily and is exactly what we needed for more storage! Thanks. #181
C. Schmidt, OH
My husband assembled the 6-drawer bed base and was impressed with the quality and ease of assembling. Great product! #182
I love my bed! thank you. #183
C. Fonda, GA
The bed went together very nicely. Everything works great. The drawers are nice & easy to open...Thanks. #184
J. Douglas
Thank you for your detailed instructions, they were easy to follow...Everything was great! thank you. #186
E. Cunningham, OK
Our bed arrived on time...After getting it all together, it is a very sturdy bed and very comfortable. All drawers work great & it is a nice looking bed. Gives us more room in our not so big bedroom apartment. That's a good thing. #187
M. & J Lis, MD
Our bed is Just Fantastic. I'm not a carpenter or a cabinet maker, so it was quite an accomplishment to finally finish making the bed... #188
A. Ollica
I love the bed storage system I bought from you! It was very easy to put together and works like a charm in my daughters room. #189
C. Pelletier, NC
Bought the 6 drawer under bed. Over the years I have put together a number of pieces of furniture. This unit was very easy to assemble. Great Quality, directions were easy to follow...All in all - not too bad an experience & the added storage makes it all worth it. #191
T .& P. Saraceni, CT
We bought our Anderson queen bed and we love it. It's very solid and we're glad to be up off the floor...The instructions were great and not hard to follow. We're very pleased with it. #192
C. & V. Sands, FL
We love the bed. It is very nice quality and looks great in our room!...It is a great-looking sturdy bed - very comfy. The drawers are very roomy. We have the 12 drawer queen. We hope to have it for many years. #194
M. & K. Huish, FL
I thoroughly enjoyed assembling this dresser bed...Instructions & diagrams very clear & easy to follow...My wife's delighted with the extra storage space. Thanks. #195
H. Roach
Nice product. Smooth Assembly. Thanks for the prompt accurate service! #197
B. & J. Fowler, NY
The bed went together beautifully - no problems. Excellent instructions - very detailed. You're doing a great job. Thank you. #198
F. Spencer
The bed frame and drawer assembly was well constructed, instructions were good, and we are well pleased with it. #201
G. & V. Peterson, ME
I am so very happy to have received the magazine that had the cabinet organizer in it. It is all put together and we are using it. We have a small house and it was sure needed... Thank you again. #202
S. Wheeler, WY
Received the under bed drawers for a king size bed. My husband had no problem assembling all pieces...Quality & workmanship was good...#203
S. Catalano, MI
We love our bed and the drawers make my life so much better - Everything has a place and now I know where it is! My husband does lots of carpentry and said how every thing was complete and how efficiently he was able to put it all together - alone! Thanks so much. It's great. #204
P. Hagan, TX
We thought the bed kit we bought was really nicely made. We had enough screws, etc. Everything fit nicely together...#205
C. Smet, WI
I've just finished putting together the bed platform and drawers, and to my surprise, it was so easy!...I'll be doing business with you again. Keep up the excellent workmanship! #206
B. Markham, CT
I just love my under the bed storage base. It was very simple to assemble and easy to follow directions. Especially for someone who hates to read directions...#207
M. Latimer, MD
I wanted to write to you to tell you how much I like your product and how sturdy I found it to be. It really looks good! I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking about this product, it show when you put it together... Well, Best of luck. #209
D. Young, NY
Just started the assembly on my Christmas present, 2 six drawer twins. This is a GREAT KIT! Good instructions and some of the best pine stock I've seen in years. Even with the pine lumber industry here in east Texas, you cannot find good pine like this...Thanks #210
C. Weems, TX
Having recently completed assembly of a full-size organizer, platform and headboard, I have the following comments: Assembly instructions are complete and easy to follow. Materials used are of very good quality. There were no missing parts. The unit is well designed and sturdy. All parts fit together very well. I am pleased with the bed. It fully met my expectations. #216
J. Von Vollen, CA
I have been reading about the platform bed for the past 3 years, but never made an attempt to purchase one. This year I made the decision to do so. I called your 1-800 number and received a prompt and courteous response. I was informed of the cost and the approximate period for delivery. The 3 packages were delivered in excellent condition and the instructions were complete and easy to follow. The workmanship was excellent and I have had many nights of good sleep since... #214
B. Smith, NY
I was very surprised when my bed arrived to see a 6 drawer organizer comes in 2 boxes. I must have missed the "assembly required" in the literature. And then I thought there surely must be some pieces missing because it surely couldn't all be in those 2 little boxes. But it was all in there and wasn't as difficult to put together as I had first thought it would be...Overall I am pleased with the bed and the quality for the price paid. #57
R. Jarbos
I just finished putting my king size base together and I really like it. We were very short on closet space and this was an answer to our problem. This would be the answer for small apartments also. #211
S. Lucker
Everything as advertised, was brilliantly conceived, devised. Electric screwdriver in hand all pieces joined to beat the band. The wife looked on & helped a bit, & yes, everything smoothly fit. The mattress air, to match my head, lo & behold, I've got a bed! My only problem now it seems - is how to wake from peaceful dreams!!! THANKS TONS YOU GUYS - #218
G. & N. Sierra, CA
To all of Anderson Manufacturing Employees; Thanks for superb engineering, style and quality of a long needed product. The king size bed we ordered, was easy to assemble & every piece fit. We will extoll the virtues of this product. Thanks #219
P. Hamrick, FL
Can't tell you how impressed I am with the bedroom organizer I bought from you. I had been looking for one exactly like that for at least 6 years. I was also impressed with the quality of workmanship and your including the drill bit for making pilot holes was a nice touch. Don't you hate to be in the middle of a project and have to run to the store for a tiny thing like that. You can rest assured that I will be buying more organizers and the visitor season is just starting here so don't be surprised if our guests just have to have an organizer when they get back home. #220
B. Sorenson, AZ
I love your bed we ordered. It is elegant and well built... It is a true space-saver. In fact I plan to order 2 more twin beds for my boys...
E. Schultz, WY
A note to you is only fair...Your product sure has "made my day!" And many, many days and nights in the future - (It is indeed a rare pleasure to find a superior product that meets or exceeds all expectations.) Your product has done this. From your excellent product to your easy to understand directions, I am most satisfied...#228
S. Jay
You have developed a wonderful quality product. You've even thought of everything to ease the installation. Had no problems putting it together & I have enjoyed it ever since! It's so nice to have my shoes organized in the long drawer and not thrown at the bottom of my closet! The bedroom organizer looks neat & is neat. Thanks so much! #230
C. Lane, MI
I have been desperate to find some storage and I saw your ad. The bedroom organizer is perfect! Not only is it exactly what I needed, but I want to complement you on the ease of assembly... #231
L. Gasparovic
We have had our under the bed dresser system for about 2 months now and we are really happy with it...Neither one of us can figure out why we didn't do this a long time ago. #233
R. & J. Furr, VA
We can recommend your units highly without any reservations of any kind. #234
J. Wilcox & R. Green
I am extremely happy with how easily it was to put together...#235
A. & L. Melchor
I have one word for your service & schematics...Wonderful. #236
B. Johnson, PA
We think the bed is wonderful. Instructions were excellent, parts fit, sufficient screw etc. were provided. Thank you very much! #237
A .& B. Dingman, NY
My wife and I purchased one of your 12 drawer - platform beds with headboard. We could not be happier with our bed...Your instructions were easy to read & follow. Everything was easy to find. The individual hardware bags were great. Every hole was drilled correctly. Thank you so much for a quality product. #240
C. & D. Peters
I love the bed - I ordered the queen drawer set. It was so easy to put together - I did it all by myself. I love the support it gives my mattress set, they are much more comfortable than before. The storage is unbelievable. I couldn't believe how much I was able to put into the drawers. #242
C. West, TX
You under-bed storage product wonderfully increases the organizational effort I am attempting in my home. I purchased the system to fit my king-size bed. It looks great & functions smoothly. I am extremely please with your product. #245
H. McCray, OK
We received the order for the dresser. It is perfect. It is exactly what we were looking for. We had no trouble at all putting it together and it fit perfectly... The lady I spoke with when ordering was extremely nice and pleasant as well as being helpful to my needs. I would highly recommend your company to anyone. #247
P Hannabdm, AL
I love the Bed I purchased form you. Very easy to put together. Thank you. #249
C. Clount, PA
A very well made kit. I had no problem assembling a 12 drawer queen bed with headboard. Keep up the good work. #250
T. Silva, CA
It is exactly what we wanted. Everything fit well & the directions were easy to follow. We hope to buy another 6-drawer level next year to add to this one. Thanks for the good product. #252
K. Cosgrove
I can't tell you first of all what a pleasure it was to put my bedroom organizer together. The directions were clear and the finished product excellent. Not to go unmentioned; the firmness my mattress now has. Thank you so much. #255
J. Harris, MD
Your bedroom organizer is a terrific piece of furniture. I am very pleased and your instructions were very clear and easy to follow...Thanks again for the quality you put into your product. #256
K. Kelvin III, OR
I purchased your twin size ultimate bed. It assembled well and provides me with the concealed storage space I was looking for. Thank you! #257
H. Silver, MA
We are thrilled with our new bed. As per your instructions, assembly was relatively easy and all parts fit as they were suppose to...We purchased the king size with two 6-drawer units and the end drawers. It looks beautiful in our bedroom and is exactly the height we were hoping to have...#259
J. & R. Peska, IL
I debated whether to order something sight unseen, but we needed the extra space so I took the plunge and it was the best investment I think I have ever made. #2
D. Rhodes NE
The bed is beautiful, a piece of art, and the storage eliminates the need for cumbersome bedroom furniture. Thank you for a truly wonderful product, and allowing us to see that there is still pride in American made goods. #3
M. Pangle, TX
We appreciate your help. My husband is not a handy repair type guy . . . but he sat down and followed your instructions and put this bed together with very little difficulty. I was so proud of him. The bed looks great in our park model. The quality is outstanding and we couldn't be happier. #4
P. Noble, GA
I just wanted to let you know that I successfully put the bed together this weekend! I really appreciated the detailed instructions. . . The instructions were great, and everything was well labeled. I especially appreciated the helpful hints. . . You've clearly paid attention to what people need to know to make the assembly a success. . . I am one happy customer! #6
C. Johansson, NC
We have a small bedroom... We needed maximum storage space in such a small room & your bed fit the bell. The excellent instructions enabled my husband & I to assemble the bed with relative ease & perfect success. Thank you for making such a beautiful & useful piece of furniture. #12
R. Burgart
I purchased a king size, 12 drawer bed frame with side tables and deluxe platform. I was surprised at how fast you shipped it out. It was extremely well packaged and marked. I got it unassembled and unfinished to save a little money. I am a 60 year old woman and I put the whole thing together by myself thanks to your excellent directions. There wasn't one piece of hardware missing, everything was perfect. The drawers open and close so easily. I am so please with everything I just had to let you know. You can be very proud of your company. #13
C. Williams, VT
Thanks again! I tell all my friends about your products and great service... your beds are the only ones in all 3 of my bedrooms. Use my endorsement if you want, I'll stand behind every word. #14
M. & M. Dillon, TX
I received my shipment and have to say that I am extremely impressed with the shipment time, the detailed instructions, and the quality of the bed. I was a little worried about making such a large purchase sight unseen, but you have exceeded my expectations and I've been telling folks how great the bed is.... #18
M. Shivdasani, MD
Fantastic! Thank you very much. I don't typically judge companies by things gone wrong -- I reserve judgment until I see how they make things right. You did not disappoint me. #22
D. Brown,
I received my bed in time to assemble it over the Labor Day weekend. What an incredible bed!...... Now I have the task of filling the 14 drawers with the contents of my old dressers. I'm truly enjoying the freed up floor space. All of the instructions were well laid out.... #23
A. Viernes, IL
Your dresser bed Rocks! I want to thank you for the great service I received after I purchased your dresser bed. The dresser bed it self is awesome and well thought out! I have a small condominium and the extra storage under my bed is great! Thank your for a great product worth its weight in gold! #26
S. Small, MD
I just finished putting together your double-stacked bed - YIPPE! Being a single woman who doesn't put furniture together...the testimonials are right - the directions explain everything. There was nothing too physically or mentally challenging for me...Thanks for listening. #38
J. Johnson
We own a 1925 craftsman style bungalow - built before closet space seemed important. Your king size, 12 drawer bedroom organizer has added another closet for us. I am a 52 year old grandma and I put it together myself. Your directions are very clear & easy to follow...The cabinets, drawers and platform are beautiful & sturdy... Thank you for saving us thousands of dollars in remolding costs and allowing us to preserve the integrity of our dear little bungalow. #39
S. Davis, TX
...Just wanted to put in writing that I have just completed your queen size bed with headboard. When I saw the 7 boxes I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew, but after reading the instructions that said to open box #1 first, it was I think the most easiest project I have ever undertaken and that includes computer desks & bar-b-ques...I'm so glad I ordered the oak bed as the color and beauty of the wood is perfect for our other bedroom furniture. This must sound as if I am being paid to write this, but it is just a happy customer who is also glad that we still have craftsmen left who can put out a quality product with the stamp U.S.A. on it in this day & age. May your company grow in leaps & bounds. Best wishes. #40
G. Mitchell, FL
Thank you for a great bed! I am not the most handy girl in the world, in fact, I just learned how to use a drill 2 days before receiving the bed. Well, I will have you know, I built it myself!... It was the greatest project of my life and I only had to call you guys once or twice! Thank you again. I love the bed. Best wishes. #41
M. Brodsky, CA
I had the greatest time making my bed...I'm 50 yrs - I'm 5'2" - I did it myself, by myself - king size, 12 drawer - all done - perfect job - great instructions. What a project. I'm so proud of myself! Thanks!!! #42
N. Holm, CA
I wanted you to know how much we enjoy the pine 12-drawer bed we purchased from you. It was easy to put together and it's high enough so I don't have to bend over to get into bed. The space underneath is great; I never thought the room could be so useful & helpful. Everyone who comes into our home we show them the bed, they love it. Keep up the Great Job! #51
D. & C. Blount, PA
I finally have my daughters bed put together & she is using it. It really looks great and I did a real good job of putting it together. But if it wasn't for the fine job your guys did at your end it would have been just another bed. Thank you so much for the fine attention to detail, the craftsmanship was excellent. And the way it is put together I know it will last for a long time. My daughter was so excited by it that she brought all of the family and friends up to her room to show her new bed off. I will say no less than 30 people saw her bed and said it was great....Thank you so very much. P.S. A satisfied customer. #52
R. Chubbuck
My husband & I recently purchased a king size Ultimate bed. I had never put anything like this together before and had actually never even used a cordless screwdriver before. I found the directions easy to follow and the pictures helpful. It was a great feeling of accomplishment for me to start & finish this project on my own and I thank you for that... I have to say it looks fabulous! My husband & I as well as the dogs (now you see why we needed a king size bed) are sleeping great! Thanks again. #53
N. Valdez, NY
I just wanted to let you know that the service I received from the lady that answered the phone was excellent...I'm sure that I will keep your company in mind for future purchases. Thanks again. #55
D. Scott, WY
Well it's all assembled and it's gorgeous. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was with the quality of your wood and the clarity of your directions. Everything went together perfectly. My husband was very impressed when I got it done...You have a great product... #62
C. Segerstrom-Terry
I am a 76 year old window living alone & needed more storage. Your under the bed drawer unit seemed just the answer to my prayers. It took me awhile to assemble the units as I had only my Phillips screwdriver and very arthritic hands. However, I was able to follow your very good directions & got it all put together & operational. If an old broad like me can do it, anyone can. Thanks so much. #67
J. Miller, TN
...We bought a new house & while my husband was cursing putting up ceiling fans, I was putting bed together... The height is perfect. Love the space saved not having dressers, long drawers have all my Christmas wrapping paper. Plans were easy - pieces well identified. Put it all together by myself! #68
S. Knapp, age 43, WV
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!! We love our new bed! I had been looking for something to store items under my bed for almost a year. I tried to convince my husband & friends to make me something but they were always "too busy"... When we got the boxes, my husband said "next time, we need it already put together" He was pleasantly surprised at how easily and well it went together. Even with a one & three year old "helping". The frame with all the drawers are exactly what I wanted and I will tell any one that your product is great...#71
M. Shaw, FL
We are very pleased with our daughter's bed. We purchased the 12 drawer platform bed for our 17 year old. She loves it. She and her father put it together and everything went together great with good, clear instructions. We know from other purchases, that is not always the case, so we were very happy. Thank you. #76
The Smith Family, MI
From the moment my son opened the box he was impressed - Real Wood!! were his first words. Assembly was made easy by the way it was packed & the instructions were easy to read. What really impressed him was the constructions of the drawers. We bought the organizer to go under our waterbed which now has a mattress instead of the bladder...Once again "Great Job" keep up the good work. And know this, "It isn't an easy task to impress my son !" And he was!! #77
B. & G. Wlson, WI
My initial shock at opening the first box soon subsided after I began assembling the under bed drawer unit. Your design and excellent directions turned several boxes of "stuff" into a sturdy piece of furniture for my son's room. He loves it. I like the simplicity and clean lines of the drawer system and the headboard. Simple but sturdy and pleasant to look at.... #81
M. Web, WV
Today my 12 drawer full size bed was put together. I love it! It eliminated my big clumsy dressers since now all my clothes fit nicely into my bed. I'm a 17 year old so you can imagine how many clothes I have and how much room it saved! I must admit, I've been through quite a few beds but this one is definitely my favorite! After it was put together I don't think I've ever been so excited and willing to clean and organize my room. Well, thanks so much for the bed! C-YA. #87
Sheena R
The bed has been a wonderful asset to our home. Everything expected of the bed has worked well. My daughter has enjoyed extra space to her room. It is very sturdy and a good looking piece of furniture. I highly recommend this bed to anyone who is interested in buying it. #91
S. Martinez, TX
This bed solved our space problems. We acquired 16 drawers (4 long center). These drawers solved wrapping paper & shoe among other things. One of our boxes arrived open with a couple pieces missing. They were cheerfully replaced in good time. Assembly was easy - directions clear & accurate. Your people were knowlegable & friendly. We are seniors & found it all well within our capabilities. Thank you. #94
S. Russo, NJ
Taking you at your word (that a note makes your day) I wanted to write because all your other words of instructions really made our under bed unit make our day!...It all went per plan and works very well. We have a Somma tube water bed on it and nothing sagged!.. unlike the steel bed frame that it replaced. Please keep up the good work. Your unit is a real value... #95
C. W,, T.H, & E.M. CT
I just finished putting together one of your drawer units and was pleased with the quality. I put together many kits for the office I work for, different cabinets and desks and out of the 50 to 60 kits I have put together, I have not had anything as strong or sturdy. Great Job. Good price. Great Product. #97
G. Brisk, WI
Thanks for the wonderful new bed! It is one of the best design and engineering projects I have seen. #101
J. Bell
Very well assembled, easy to follow instructions. Drawers are durable and easy gliding on tracks. Such a space saving idea. We are very pleased with the purchase of this product. Thank you. #102
R. & M. Weaver
This letter is from a very satisfied customer, wishing to commend you and your employees on the excellence of not only the shipping, but the simplified instructions enclosed for the bedroom organizer. We assembled your organizer in a 9 X 14 bedroom ...Your organizer fits perfectly in this room with space on either side to open the drawers. If others would only realize what they can do with limited space, I am sure this organizer would be the answer....#104
R. Douglas, FL
We really are enjoying our bed. My husband is a carpenter and enjoyed how easy it was to put together... I love how deep the drawers are and how much we are able to store. We bought a 12-drawer queen. #107
E. & F. Berterman, MD
Two & 1/2 years ago I stepped in a hole & injured by back...I could not stand to sleep in a bed even by myself...I moved to the floor for a year and a half which was the only way I could get any sleep. This didn't do a lot for me emotionally... I bought the ultimate bed and that has been the best thing I could have done. The platform holds my air mattress in place and the result is a wonderful nights rest and I'm not having to get up off the floor. At 62 there is something degrading about having to look at sleeping on a floor mat the rest of my life. Thank you for a wonderful product. #109
J. Currie, OK
Your under bed organizer is exactly what I needed... Using my power screwdriver, I was able to put the organizer together by myself. It was relatively easy...Instructions were great!... Thank you for a quality product that is definitely worth the price. #112
M. Polansky, TX
Hallelujah! We actually finished assembling the platform bed with drawers! No parts were missing, Amazing! It took us a month to get the courage to attempt putting it together - so we were thrilled all the pieces were there. Plus we actually understood the instructions. And we are still happily married...Anyway, its together now and we are pleased. Were filing the instructions just in case we ever move. #116
M. McKenna & D. Cross
I use to work in a small manufacturing company (production manager of leather garments) and I can appreciate the amount of care, planning and plain genius applied to this product. I am amazed at the quality of the instructions, the care with which each hardware bag was filled, the right amount of screws (& color coded!!)...I am impressed beyond belief...That together with the looks and stability of the bed itself, it should get you some sales. As a customer, I thank you. As a firefighter who needs a good nights sleep before a 4 hr or 48 hr shift, I thank you as well. #118
S. Baldwin, CA
My 13 yr. old son has been wanting a larger bed for approx. 2 years. But since the dimensions of his bedroom would not allow a bureau and a queen size bed, I was so thrilled when I saw your bed on the internet. I was definitely hesitant about making such a large mail order over the phone but, everyone and everything about your company is superb. All my phone conversations starting with the initial order and then any questions have been courteously and intelligently answered. Your service is fabulous! You have such personalized service!! The instructions for assembling the 12-drawer platform bed are the best I have ever seen. Plus, all the many screws and parts were all included. Nothing was missing. I just find this amazing in today's world! In closing, my son just loves his new bed. And my 11 yr. old daughter wants the same thing for her room. I have and will continue to recommend your product to my friends & relatives #119
K. Anthony, NJ
I wanted a platform bed with lots of storage. I visited every bedroom, furniture and unfinished furniture store in the San Diego Area. Nothing!...Then I cruised the internet. Loved your site. Fell in love with your bed and all its options, I purchased the 12-drawer deluxe platform queen with 2 end drawers, all wood drawers and cedar linings. It all arrived as scheduled...The bed looks magnificent!! Beautiful and so well built, I could not have found one of such quality in the store. I love the golden stain color. The drawers slide so easily. I can store everything I need (and don't need) in the platform....I show my bed to everyone. No one believes I built it. Thanks again for making me smile each and every time I look at my bed. #121
J. Snyder & Ted my schnauzer, CA
Just a line to tell you how much we liked the "organizer". I enjoyed the clearly written, illustrated, and comprehensive instruction sheet. Even the helpful tips were right on!. The Misses liked the looks of the completed assembly. And a special thanks for restoring our faith in American Craftsmanship and Business Ethic! #124
R. Jones, OH
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I am a middle age female with absolutely no carpentry skill but was able to assemble the entire unit with no assistance from my husband. Thanks for the clear and explicit instructions and the precise alignment pieces!...It was all very straight-forward and simple with the help of a cordless screwdriver. #128
M. Jones
I would like to thank you and your staff for all your help and advice. My whole experience with your company was nothing short of pleasant. If you have a minute, I'll run you through the entire purchase. I made a mistake by calling to early but a gentleman answered the phone (even though he didn't have to). He answered my questions until a very pleasant operator was able to take our call. The product came earlier than expected and in excellent condition. Your materials are excellent quality and the instructions were concise and easily understood....Thanks again. #125
J. & D. Parisi, NY
I approached this project - my son's twin bed with double stacked & headboard with some trepidation. I've had some really bad experiences with "assembly - required" and even "partial - assembly required" projects in the past. Thank you for not making this time a repeat of past experiences. Everything fit, aligned well, and was well-made. The bed turned out beautiful. The instructions were very complete and easy to follow. All the hardware was there and easy to identify. Again, thanks for an excellent product and a pleasurable experience. #151
R. Williams, MN
I bought your 3 - drawer under bed dresser for my 4 yr. old son's bed and it is a very nice hideaway piece of furniture. As a single parent I was really afraid I wouldn't have time to put it together but once I started, it went together smoothly...It never interfered in my work schedule and I didn't have to wait for someone to come over and help...Thank you...#157
C. Jubie
I ordered your 6 drawer bed system...I love it. My husband has a brain injury and could not help put it together. The instructions were very easy to follow. The pre-drilled holes were perfect. I love it, I love it, I love it!!! It is very sturdy and my queen size box spring and mattress fit perfectly. I would love to have the whole bed system...I am recommending it to everyone I talk to. #171
R Estep, OH
Thank you just isn't enough. We spent the whole day trying to find a king size captains bed for our "marriage bed" When we couldn't find one anywhere we resorted to the internet. The description you gave sounded like a well made product but in today's world - advertising is often misleading. Words can't express our feelings about the bed we received - the quality of the product is of the highest caliber. You guys go above and beyond in your standards. We are proud that there are Americans out there that still have a sense of pride in their work...#172
D. Walters & J Roope, FL
I wish to congratulate you on your organization and the great response to minor adjustments, courteous and timely response was their hallmark. I am very pleased with the ultimate bed. Your instructions were easy to follow and very helpful. I was especially impressed with your pre-assembly details and the exact quantities of hardware required. I would gladly recommend your ultimate bed to anyone, as I am very satisfied with the final result. #178
G. Michaels, PA
As a military member, I look for the best space savings products available. Living on post, in military housing, (with its' minimal square feet) I need to save as much space as possible. The ultimate bed is a captain's bed on steroids! It has all of the space saving commodities. Its easy to follow assembly instructions gave me a complete bed much sooner than expected. I praise each one of you for making such a strong product. I will not hesitate to recommend the Ultimate Bed to other military housing members. #179
D. Kostelnik, NC
First let me say I am extremely happy with my new bed. It has greatly improved my sleep and storage space and it looks great. I enjoyed the challenge of putting the bed together and can appreciate the quality of construction...Your customer service has been great. The lady that answers the phone is very friendly and helpful. #190
T. Wharton, CA
I purchased your 6-drawer under bed system and assembled it myself. About 10 years ago we purchased a bed system from a different company and those instructions were confusing and unclear. Needless to say I was apprehensive when your system arrived. But, my fears were unwarranted because never before in my years of assembling furniture have I found such easy and clear instructions. You are to be commended not only for your great instructions, but for a wonderful product. You made it clear in your order information that I could still use my box springs and that made such a difference for me. I love the system, love the extra storage space it has provided me, and will no doubt share your name with anyone who wants an under bed drawer storage system. #199
D. Zirkle
What a delight it was putting the 6 drawer bedroom organizer together. I had no trouble at all. I was very impressed with all parts of the organizer, the manner in which the wood was pre-cut, the hardware packaging and the easy to follow instructions. I was even more impressed when I called to order the foot drawer. I talked to your customer service rep. who was very knowledgeable regarding your product....Thanks to your company, I have a fantastic bedroom organizer with the best mattress support ever. #200
L. Pratt
I secretly ordered a queen size unit for my wife for Christmas. Her reaction was happy shock. Since our first house is small, space is at a premium. It has helped tremendously with storage especially the 2 long drawers. They just keep going and going...Your design has virtually no negative space. It truly helps with "A place for everything and everything in its place." As our young son grows into a twin, we will be ordering from you again. P.S. I enjoyed the "putting it together" part. Good directions!! #208
M. Freundt, NC
Bravo - your product exceeds all of my expectations - quite an accomplishment in today's product market. All components went together like a charm; I am so pleased with the storage in our otherwise wasted space...#212
I have had my Anderson bed organizer assembled for about a month now and I absolutely love it. I am not very good at putting things together but with the help of my brother and some patience, we put it together. It looks terrific!. I have a very small bedroom and I am able to fit my queen size bed with end drawers and side tables and still have a dresser handy. Anyway, Keep up the good work! #222
M. Edens, GA
This is the 3rd Anderson bed that I have purchased. I cannot imagine having the mattresses in my home on top of anything other than an Anderson. Each one was delivered quickly and without any problem. The assembly is a snap - directions are great! This most recent purchase was to add a 6 drawer unit to my existing platform, (and change to a queen size). It was so easy - no need to re-purchase the first one as it expanded to a queen size! Thank you - you have a great product and are a pleasure to do business with! #223
D. Prosapro
I. Fisher & J. Luca, NJ
Our new Ultimatebed Bed is truly ultimate! Thank you so much for such a super product. It was great to find that everything said in your catalogue, that we had studied for a couple of years, proved true. Congratulations on your fine craftsmanship, business philosophy and excellent directions...With the aid of a neighbor part time on the power screwdriver this octogenarian couple succeeded and now are happily enjoying the best sleep (like that wool mattress pad too!) and bedroom organizer of their 59 years together. It has been a joy dealing with you. #226
R. & L. Windsor, FL
We absolutely love our new 12-drawer bed. We're not exactly handy-man types but it went together PERFECTLY with some screws left over (not missing) - like other companies... Although this is for our guest room bed, it is so easy to get in & out of and so comfortable we are sleeping on it every night instead of our Cal king bed...#229
J. Moore, AZ
We are very pleased with out new platform bed with 12 drawer storage. It's a lot more comfortable than our old bed ever was and the extra storage has really come in handy...Your product is fantastic and your delivery time has also been fantastic. We're telling all our friends. I work as a quality control inspector. So I can also tell you from that aspect that your product is top notch. #239
R. Vandeveire, IN
Thank you for making me look much smarter than I am. The instructions were reasonably easy to follow. The parts went together better than any kit I have purchased before. #241
A. Bartholomeusz, CA
My husband & I finished building our king size bed. He is a former Lt. Colonel, USA, & I am a retired high school teacher (ages 79 & 70). Neither of us had ever done a project ever remotely like this. I used a power screw driver for the first time in my life! What a success!! We love our bed - take everyone in to inspect our handiwork...You have a terrific product, and the directions are excellent, very clear...#246
E. & D. Reece, CA
Your assembly kit was very easy to understand and follow. In fact the drawers to the dresser assembled like a breeze. And this was the part we thought we would have the hardest time. "No problem what so ever. Our bed is fully assembled and looks great, and I just love the extra drawers that provides much needed holding space. An extra plus for your product is that the bed should hold up for many years to come. In fact I told my husband that this will be something to pass down generation after generation. Both of us were impressed with your hardwood materials. #253
L. & T. Powers
When the boxes arrived from you, I admit I did some moaning & groaning. However, to my surprise the unit went together very smoothly per your instructions. Our bed is very comfortable and I now have the extra storage I needed. I have no problem recommending your product and company. #260
V. & L. Flores, CA
Our daughter ordered the platform bed and 12 drawers. When the boxes came, her Dad who had never (or almost never) put anything together, started working on it. With all the boxes numbered it went along well...She loves it -- and that's what counts. #261
S. Dutton, NY
I just thought that you may want the come-back of our experience putting your bed together. It was great. By following your carefully laid out instructions step by step, it went together just like I knew what I was doing. It was a pleasure to have a honey-do job go together as easy as your kit and have the finished product look as nice as it does...Thanks again for a nice experience with a good product. #238
A. & B. Burnette, IL
Thank you for a beautiful 12 drawer bed product...It was fairly easy to put together. My husband is an auto mechanic & is always saying that he works on cars NOT on wood. "My brothers are the carpenters not me." After assembling the bed - he's ready to build a shelving unit for our den. He now calls himself Johnny carpenter! Lord Help me!!! #258
D. & W. Shea
We love our bedroom organizer. It has created much more room in our bedroom. We are very pleased with the high quality of the workmanship. My wife put it together with the help of her trusty electric screwdriver and a little help from her non-electric husband. #254
D. & J Neugelsauer, CO
Your Storage bed is perfect in our small home. We bought a 2 level queen bed with a headboard to help improve storage space. We are very happy with our purchase. It arrived much earlier than expected... and has provided lots of storage. The indirect lights are convenient and the bed is sturdy and a comfortable height. Thanks for developing such a wonderful product! We have shown everyone your website! #50
Lisa & Ken, CA
Your under the bed dressers are an answer to a prayer. It's great for my small bedroom and house with limited storage space. Also, I have wanted my bed higher, due to the onset of arthritis of the spine. It makes it so much easier to get out of bed. #61
M.Brumbaugh, OH
I'm sorry it took so long to write back and report on the Ultimate Bed we bought. Being a process engineer at one time, your directions were perfect. The bed went together without difficulty and we are really enjoying the extra storage space as well as the bed. P.S. When we get back to Florida we are planning to buy another. #65
F. Behling, CT
I am an engineer and currently lead 2 organizations - the only reason for the preface is to make the following statement: Good Job - Your instructions are direct and repetitive enough for even the weekend warrior...Thank you. #66
E. Garner
I love the bed. It eliminated the clutter in my room. Having a higher bed looks much better. I didn't think I could have put it together by myself, but with my sons help we didn't have any trouble... #84
L. Damrow
We eyed your bed for our daughter for over a year. Her bedroom is very small. She just turned 12 and storage is becoming a big problem, Finding nothing to compare to the Ultimate Bed, we bought it...My daughter is also allergic to dust mites so the "no dust under the bed" feature was also a plus. She like the accent lights best. I like the less clutter - and still more room in the drawers! #85
The Finleys
You bed is "magnificent". The people who helped Jerry & myself build the bed were so envious... I love it. Thank you & your company for this! #86
D. Zimmerman, CO
Just a short note to express our content with your platform under bed organizer...Because of the extra space provided by the organizer, we no longer need a 2 bedroom apartment for extra storage and closet space. #88
B. & S. Smith, WA
I have always seen your product advertised. Finally, my wife & I decided that we would order your full-size bed. After opening the several boxes, I thought it was going to be a difficult task to assemble, It wasn't! My son & I had absolutely no problems what so ever!...Plenty of room and very solid. You definitely can put the Charboneaus" among your satisfied customers! Thank you for marketing this product. #90
K. Charboneau, NY
...Nothing was missing and everything fit together perfectly. The workmanship of your production process is outstanding! We've only slept on the bed one night but we can already tell that the mattress system is incredible. We're looking forward to many years of peaceful sleep. Best Regards. #123
C. & T. Carney, CA
What a great bed!! We went from a water bed to your ultimate bed and we both love it! So many pluses; better support, yet not hard as a rock like most spring mattresses. I feel like I have the bed to myself because I can make my side the firmness I want without compromising; no more backache or stiffness...I am recommending it to all of my friends...The organizer was pretty easy to put together. Good instructions...I love all the extra storage space and it looks nice too. Thank you so much for your great product! #132
M. Lish, ID
My "handyman" son, with a little help from me put together a 6-drawer queen bedroom organizer.... Went together very well. We were pleased with the quality of your workmanship. The hardware was just right and the step-by-step instructions were clear and were easy to follow. My wife is thrilled with all the storage space provided by the bedroom organizer and she thinks it is attractive. #134
L. Hause, MD
We received the bed while my daughter was in the hospital - she had a chronic illness but was having fusion surgery on her neck & we really wanted as much comfort as possible for her on her return home. My husband went to work getting the queen bed with double drawers together & just finished in time for her to use. She says "it's just Wonderful & extremely comfortable"! Thank you so much for such quality. #146
We purchased a king size Anderson bedroom organizer with 12 drawer dresser in honey pine. We love it! We also purchased headboard, platform and 2 side tables. It was great fun assembling our bed...We have plenty of storage space, our cat sleeps in the middle between the drawers every night & he cries till I open the foot-doors so he can go in and sleep. Of course he is spoiled!! Anyway, we really enjoy our bed...Thanks. #150
R. Miller, PA
It's been a year in coming, but we finally got your bedroom organizer and it is wonderful! It was laid out beautifully, easily, and thoroughly. We will order again! You have a company and service you can be proud of. #154
B. & J. Slutz, KY
We have had our bed for two years now and still, every so often, turn to each other to exclaim how much we like it. After trips, we are always so glad to get home to our own bed! It is extremely comfortable for both of us because of the dual controls - a - brilliant idea. And it feels nothing like a typical air mattress, which we'd been a little afraid of.. Thank you! #158
S. Papa & D. Schatz
I have decided to send you a short note to let you know how pleased we are with our bedframe. It's nice to see that quality still exists at a fair price. We actually received two benefits with our bedframe. The first was the reason we bought it and that was to better utilize an unused space and second, your frame supports our box spring more fully making the bed much more comfortable. Evidently the old metal frame had been sagging slightly and we always blamed the mattress. Your instructions were clearly written which made me happy because assembly was a snap. My wife is pleased because not only does it look good and offers her more drawer space, we get a better nights sleep. (and that's a good thing!) #159
J. & L. Molon
With no room for a dresser in my NY apartment, the Ultimate bed was basically the only way I could put away clothes in my bedroom. I have the 12 drawer version with modern headboard and the two side tables and it looks like it was custom made to fit my bedroom! I really like it. #175
R. Kaufma, NY
Thank you so much. I've finished putting together my new bed and love it...so does my son whose bedroom it went in. I completed construction of it all by myself with only 2 phone calls to your assembly hotline. :) #180
J. Ali,VA
My friends & I had a great time putting it together. After we got the initial concept, it went together fairly easily. I absolutely love it and am so glad that I ordered it. I remodeled my room a bit and being able to cut down on the furniture in the room has made the room appear so much larger. Thanks so much for your excellent product. #185
V. Nance
Thanks for the bed. I put it together myself and really wasn't hard. Actually I enjoyed putting it together....I am pleased with the bed. Glad I bought it. Would recommend it to others. Thanks #193
C. Schultz
Just a few notes on my bed purchase... Engineering excellent, all pre drilled parts fit exactly and the design proved very stable. Packaging very sound and made for orderly assembly... Overall constructions when complete, excellent and sturdy. Does it provide enough storage, YES,YES...#196.
G. Kline, PA
I must commend you on a job well done, this kit is the most well-designed, well defined, well made that I have ever used...We love it. Keep up the good USA work. #232
D. Herrie, MT
Just finished assembling your queen 12 drawer platform bed with headboard and tables. I was real impressed with your materials, quality & the way everything was packed... Instructions were perfect - had no trouble following them...The bed looks great - was about the only way to get a "complete bedroom set" into our small room. #244
D. & A. Young, FL
I was impressed with the engineering and structural soundness of the bed as well as the overall quality of the materials used....We're very pleased with the bed and find the storage amazingly versatile and useful. #248
T. & K. Bumgard
Your bed is best, top precision, best cabinet work I've seen in a long time. Best instructions, easy to follow. I've been in the building business for 30 years and know quality; this is the best. I ordered oak, and it was real red oak. Nice drawer slides. It was all the best. I would recommend you to all my friends.
F. Bowman FL
I Love my bed. It went together and we didn't need a whole lot of tools. The instructions were easy to understand. I've been waiting 2 years for my husband to build me a platform. I gave up and bought this one. It's just want I wanted and I didn't have to listen to him MOAN AND GROAN. Also, it must be structured pretty well, because He didn't call it "Junk" while we were assembling it. #251
C. Dorbritz, TX
Just had to Thank You for the quality product with a bonus -- "Made-in-America"! I just completed our 12 drawer deluxe bed & never in over 50 years of assembling wall units, furniture, toys etc. did I ever have the good fortune of working with a project with such detailed & well versed language -- your instructions require only one thing -- the ability to read English!! #5
R. Ganczarski, NJ
I just had to write to say how extraordinarily pleased we are with our new Ultimatebed. The instructions were fabulous and the quality of all of the components simply excellent. The milling was spot on, everything fit together like a dream. The mattress is so comfortable, we're sleeping pain free and disturbance free, no more waking up when the other turns over. Fabulous! We're singing your company's praises to all of our friends. #11
A. Hoff, NY
I was missing a part on the storage bed I ordered and when I called about it, I spoke to a very nice gal that without question said the part would be sent out that day! It is responses such as that are RARE!! VERY satisfied with product and customer service. #243
J. Pierce, FL
Let me start by saying "I am not a DO IT Yourselfer" I saw an example of the platform bed at someone's house - Loved the look and drawers on the side concept and yes, I wanted one. The good news was the instructions were clear and precise. Even a novice like myself understood every detail. I took a deep breath, jumped right in and upon completion "Voila". The bed is beautiful, the drawers worked and fit perfectly and of all things the headboard was the easiest to attach. After it's all said and done, It was well worth the effort and I will sleep very comfortable for a long, long, long time. Thank you. #221
R. Taylor, VA
Thank you for my new bed. It is functional, attractive, and comfortable. I am a 57 yr. old female with limited carpentry skills. By following the instructions for the storage bed, I was able to assemble it... My family is most impressed with the results, and I am very happy to have an organized bedroom! #169
V. Bledsoe,
I am writing to let you know I purchased a platform bed with 2 sets of drawers. When the boxes arrived I thought; Oh my I'll never put this together. How wrong I was. I found the directions very easy & I assembled the bed entirely by myself. I have always wanted a bed like this because I didn't like the traditional dresser & bed I had because it took up so much space in the room. Please thank all those who had a hand in making my bed. Tell them I have so enjoyed it....#174
Z. Noore, NC
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new bed. It arrived, as promised, all of the pieces were there, directions were clear...Everything was of a quality that is unrivaled in imported products...You were great to deal with and completely responsive to my myriad of dumb questions!!!... #163
J. Barker, PA
My wife and I recently bought one of your beds and I thought I would let you know how the experience went. First a little on our situation; We live in an old house and our bedroom is up a very narrow stairwell so a prefabricated piece of furniture was out of the question. Your kit was the perfect answer...haul the boxes upstairs and build it up there...I found the instruction sheets very good and the pictures and drawings really helped... We have a latex foam mattress. I always hated that mattress when it was on box springs, but when we put it on the platform it was like getting a new mattress. I've slept better in the last couple of days than I have in years. I can't tell you how impressed I was with the quality of the materials used and the precision of the millwork; each and every piece was perfect. What that tells me is that your quality inspections/control process is important to you and I want to assure you that I will tell all my family and friends. Anyway, we just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with our new bed. Thanks. #166
R. Chamberlin, OR
Just wanted to let you know putting our new bed together made us feel like professionals. We followed the directions and everything went together very smoothly...We didn't know of your company before this, but you can be sure we are spreading the word about the quality that we find in your product....It's good to know that there are companies who take pride in their workmanship. We live in a very disposable society, but I think our bed will be handed down over many generations. #161
T. & P. Acton, OH
What a pleasant surprise it was to receive my king size 6 drawer bed dresser. I had been looking at your product for several years, but my husband was skeptical. He had been a professional finish carpenter for over 20 years and did not think it was going to be well made. After waiting for 3 years for him to make us a "good" bed, I ordered. I intended to put it together myself since all the testimonials gave me confidence. When I came home a few days after it arrived, my 6 yr. old and my husband were assembling the bed. I waited for the comments on how poorly the product was made, but Mark kept coming up with comments like "This was well thought out" "Smart thinking" "Quality wood" That is high praise from him. He was also the first one to start filling the drawers! Thanks for a good product, a good experience and saving me from my husbands "I told you so". We'll be ordering soon for the kids rooms, I'm sure. #142
T. Marsee, OK
We are very happy with the unit that we purchased from you. We are not handy but found the directions on assembling the bed extremely clear, precise and helpful. In addition your staff was cordial in providing information and helping us in the process of assembling the unit. We have shown the bed to family and friends & I'm sure that you will hear from them. Thanks again. #141
An & W. Ekctan, NY
What a pleasure to buy something American made and be able to put it together so easily... Thanks again for such a lovely product. #135
S. Rogers, FL
I love the bed! It looks much nicer than I anticipated. I put it together on my own. Thanks for a great product.#
M. Larener, NY
Just a note to let you know that I have just completed the assembly of one of your queen size 6-drawer beds with headboard. It is perfect... I am known amongst my friends as being the un-handiest man in northern Virginia but I had no problem with the construction...Only 1 call to your help number. That lady was extremely helpful and nice. You certainly have a devoted customer here...Thanks for such a fine product and for building my confidence in my ability to construct such a great piece of furniture. #213
L. Whitecar, VA
Received the bed quickly following our order and I have it assembled and in use. All went well. #267
J. & M. Bowen, KS
We love your products. We have drawers under our bed and the boys bed. We have bought 3 sets over the years and tell lots of people about them. #266
P. & J. English, NC
I was very pleased with everything about the captains storage bed that I bought for my teenage son's room. It was accurately packed, everything fit well, the finish was good and the instructions were very clear. I do some amount of woodwork from scratch and it was a pleasure not to have to measure and cut to complete this job. My son even helped with most of the assembly. My son is very pleased with how it turned out and the storage is great...Thank you very much. I will recommend your product to anyone who is interested. #268
T. Potteiger, GA
I like the full size Captains Bed, it is very nice and it went together easier than I thought it would...#269
G. Meyer, FL
We bought the bed for our 13 year old daughter...After getting it put together, we were delighted at how well it looked...Our daughter is thrilled with her new bed and we are thinking of adding the side tables to her bed. #270
K. Miller, OK
You solved our problem with the bedroom organizer. My husband, son and I live in a remote, secluded cabin in NE Washington. My Husband and I needed a new bed, a bigger bed, but our bedroom is on the second floor up a narrow staircase. The full bed we had needed the box spring cut to bring it up "Not recommended by MFG". Now we will enjoy a king size bed because your platform bed was assembled up in the bedroom. A mattress will bend around the corner and we will sleep in comfort. #271
J., J., & D. Ravens Look, WA
Your workmanship is exquisite and the installation matches my fine floor & walls of the sleeping loft - it's made for each other. Thank you so much! It was most helpful to be told how many parcels I was to expect... #272
E. Strickler, TX
I assembled a 6 drawer bedroom organizer last weekend. I was very impressed with the ease of assembly. The overall kit was well thought out....I'm very satisfied with your product! #273
M. Merrifield
We bought 2 sets of drawers for a king size bed. I was generally pleased with the construction and quality of the drawer units. I carefully followed the instructions and had no problem getting them together...We are generally pleased with the final result. #274
E. & R. Fisher, OH
This is our second organizer base. I love the long drawers in the bottom...Would I order from you again? Yes. #275
P. & J. Worgan, MA
What a nice little bed. I have put it together with no problems. #276
A. Barabar, NY
We bought two of your bed units, one full size and one queen size...They were well packed. They went together step by step just the way the directions said. It was easy. I enjoyed it. Thank you. #277
C. Walker, ME
The double set for the twin was here when I got home from the office...There were no problems with the instructions - they were easy to follow. I find the new height of the bed extremely comfortable for getting up in the morning...Of course, the space gained in the bedroom is great. This is a terrific idea! This is an excellent product. I'm delighted that I purchased it. #278
D. Carroll, NY
We recently moved from a 4000 square foot Victorian to a 1000 square foot A-frame. Needless to say storage space was at a premium. When I saw your bed I knew I found the answer to "Where are my socks?".... Again, Thank you - It was just the right answer to our dilemma. #279
S. & J. Bahr, PA
We've had the beds long enough to tell you for sure that they're great! Construction was straight forward & easy and finished product is remarkably sturdy...#280
T. & L. Barclay, NC
The construction went smoothly. Each packet of fasteners was complete; often offering one or two extra screws; a real comfort. I have a high opinion of your product. I'm pleased to show it to others. I would recommend it for its ease of construction,its appearance and its apparent durability. #281
J. Stanger, MI
We are so happy with our new bed and new found storage space! We bought the 12 drawer queen with 2 end drawers... I was impressed with how well the parts fit together... Several friends have seen our project and wanted more information. We were happy to pass along your toll free number #282
L. & J. Alverson, NC
Love the king size 12 drawer bed. Looking forward to a much larger bedroom now that we have junked our old dressers. #283
C. Shelton, FL
I love my bed. It is the queen-size, with 6 drawers on each side and 2 long drawer on the end. What a good idea! #284
M. McVay
We were surprised at how easy it was to follow the written instructions plus illustrations. All made sense, and notes were very helpful in explaining why and how. I teach technical writing occasionally, and I will use your instructions as a fine example of good, careful writing. #285
J. Salvatore, MD
Your product was exactly what we needed to help organize our bedroom. The 6 drawer dresser system was a perfect addition to our queen size mattress. #286
C. Self
My children bought me your bed for a Christmas present. My son put it together. He didn't have any trouble. I have since married and again the bed was taken apart & put together by my son. I really needed the extra space the drawers gave me and would like to thank you for making the bed available. #287
M. Kelley, FL
I love the bed and dresser combination. It's just high enough and what a neat way to store lots of stuff. It's really great. Keep up the good work. #288
M. O'Herron, MD
Yes, I love my new bedroom organizer - our tiny room seems more open. #289
T. Kellner, WI
I have been wanting the bed since the first time I saw it. Eventually I ordered the 12 drawer queen... We have a small room and it is so nice to get rid of our dressers... We are thoroughly enjoying our Ultimate Bed. #290
D. & T. Sell, IL
We are very pleased with the bedroom organizer. The instructions were very good and quite easy to follow. I certainly would recommend your merchandise to anyone. #292
W. 7 M. Manz, NJ
Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy my dresser platform. Thank you. #293
K. Miller, MD
I put my king size 12-drawer organizer together...All parts were there, the directions were clear and we are very happy with the end result. #294
B. Reynolds, FL
Received your bed kit in good shape... Your kit is a dream to assemble, your directions are great and we are very pleased with the finished product... Thank you for a fine product. #295
R. & I. Muzzio, TN
Congratulations, you put out a great kit, one that my husband was able to put together without loosing his temper... Thanks to you we have the much needed storage in our bedroom and not one swear word passed his lips. Thank you. #296
C & F. Sandstrum, MA
I'd like to take a minute to let you folks know that my wife and I are very satisfied with our single bedding drawer. It was simple to put together and after a little stain it looks great... It's perfect for our needs. Good quality and a great price! #297
K. & J. Creamer, FL
As a seventy-old woman, I was pleased with the directions for assembly of the unit. And I did all the assembly by myself. #298
M Martin
I am extremely delighted to have purchased my bedroom organizer from your company. Every part fit correctly. I was also impressed by the explicate assembly instructions, they were a pleasure to utilize. #299
A. Kenny, AZ
Hi, I've put together my bed base and it's super. Went together without any trouble... #300
C. Kalsch, NY
A few lines to say, received our 6 drawer bedroom organizer on time and in good shape. It was a pleasure assembling this unit, everything fell right in place. All hardware was complete plus a couple extra screws. This is the first kit assembly that I've ever assembled without some sort of problem. Keep up the good work. #301
C. Jester, MD
We just finished putting together one of your 6 drawer under the bed units for our king size bed. I want to compliment you on the quality product I received from your company. The instructions were clear and easy to follow... I really did appreciate your company getting our order out so promptly. #302
B. Miller
What a fun project! Everything went smooth as silk!... Assembly was no problem and I enjoyed working on putting the bedroom organizer together. Because we have a fairly small house, we use our closets for other tings... Thank you for a much needed piece of furniture!! It looks great! #303
T. Flasza, IL
Very fine product. Well designed, quality materials. Thanks. #304
J. Lawton
I recently ordered one of your bedroom organizers and am really pleased with it. I have degenerative arthritis and have difficulty getting up and down from low chairs, couches. The extra height the organizer gives me is wonder full, and one can always use the extra storage. I highly recommend it to all my friends. #305
B. Layher, IN
I just purchased your organizer an I love it. I have been showing it to all my family and friend, they like it also. I'm quite pleased with the organizer, I've decided to get another one. It's great! #306
L Dunn, Wash DC
It is so nice to have all the extra space. The bed is so comfortable I hate to get up in the mornings... Thanks for making such an "ultimate bed". #307
J. Feulner, CA
We purchased 2 12-drawer queen beds... Instructions were good and easy to follow. All components fit together very well. A power screw driver is a must. Quality control was excellent. We are very pleased overall and would recommend your beds if asked. #308
K. Redner, MI
Your platform bed with all the storage underneath is perfect for our new home in Colorado. With 2 walls of windows overlooking snow-capped peaks, we didn't want to hide our view with dressers and chests. #309
F. & C. Klein, CO
Just wanted to let you know how much we like our bedroom with the Ultimate king size unit we purchased from you. We stained it ourselves and it looks great!!...At first we were concerned about the assembly but once we started everything fit perfectly...Your quality product was indeed as advertised. #291
M. & Y. McCaigh
I just wanted to let you know how much we like our 12 drawer King size organizer. The extra storage is wonderful. #310
D. Sheely, MD
Buying your bed by mail was a hard decision to make, but it is certainly one we have not regretted. This was the most thought out and complete ready to assemble piece we have ever bought. Not a piece was missing. #311
H. & N. Phillips, AR
We really like sleeping on the Ultimate Bed we bought from your company... We had no trouble putting the bed together and think the quality is very satisfactory... Thank you for making such a fine product. #312
P. Roundtree, CO
You have designed a truly unique product!! The first thing that impressed me was the quality of the wood. The directions were so specific that anyone who can read and follow directions would have no trouble assembling the Ultimate Bed. I love the way the drawers slide/glide with such ease. There was plenty of room for everything I had in my dresser plus I even had enough storage for all my bulky sweaters. My floor space has increased too... In short, this is an incredible product!! #313
M. Kaiser, CO
I have just completed my first night sleep on our new bed. I wanted to commend you on a superb product, carefully manufactured, packaged, and delivered... My wife and I were pleasantly surprised with just how good it does look. We are certain to enjoy many years of good sleep, and appreciate you manufacturing such a fine product. #314
N. Kaye, M.D., DE
We just received our order and couldn't be more pleased. We own an ocean front rental condo in Myrtle Beach and space is limited... Thank you. #315
Sherry H., SC
I just want to say one more time...I love that bed!! #316
D. Cole
I love our bed! We ordered the king size deluxe platform with 12 drawers. I now have empty drawers!! It utilizes space nicely, the space that is down the center works well for suit cases, my typewriter, winter blankets and many more things... Thank you for being a great company to purchased from. Anyone I know who needs a bed, I've given them your name & number. #317
M. Sostak, CT
We received the boxes promptly. My husband was surprised how easy it went together. Didn't take us very long before we had it together and under the bed. We fastened it to the box springs, it makes the bed sturdier... Thank you for having this item. We like it - no more boxes under the bed! #318
v. Garrett
I ordered and put together 2 of the twin units with the deluxe platform on top. The whole thing went together very nicely... I'm very pleased with the results and the quality for the price. I was very impressed with the speed of delivery also. Thanks for making a product that's useful, beautiful and a good buy! It's nice to see a company that cares about its' customers and the product it manufactures. I would recommend your bedroom organizer to anyone. Keep up the food work! #319
T. Reed. TX
The Anderson bed is an amazing product and I have recommended it highly to friends. The care of the design and crafting astounded me!... The parts fit, all the hardware was included and with very little difficulty the bed took shape. Thanks for the good job! #320
D. Lerman & C. Oliger, PA
I just wanted to let your company know I received the shipment in great condition. I stained and finally put together the bed. I just love the bed. Your instructions were great and I did get all materials I needed. You have a great product and I an very glad I ordered the bed from you. Thank you very much. It's sure nice to buy something over the internet and get a great product, customer service and value. #321
J. Hellbusch, MT
We are very happy we found your website, and if we hear of anyone wanting to invest in a storage bed, we will definitely invite them home, exhibit, recommend, praise your product infinitely and them some. Made in America is worth the cost!
L. Albert, FL
Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the purchase of the six drawer under bed dresser. The quality of the wood and hardware materials and the workmanship are outstanding. The assembly instructions were clearly written and easy to follow. The drawer slides work smoothly and provide a high degree of usefulness to the dresser. The platform bed is a welcomed addition to my master bedroom. Delivery was faster than I had anticipated, arriving on Tuesday, Sept. 26. The product was packaged very well and arrived without damage or missing parts. Thanks again for supplying such a great product and service.
Brian S. Reno, NV
Hello Lois, Yes, we have all of the parts now and everything is assembled🙌. We LOVE these beds and everyone who goes in their new rooms and sees them loves them as well. They fit everything and makes their rooms look so big and spacious because of all of the extra space. Do you have a cell number? If so, please email it to me so I can send you some photo's of the boys living with their totally cool new beds. My cell number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I promise that I will only use your cell number to send photos and will only give out your business number if anyone wants to order a bed from you. I would recommend them to anyone so please use me as a reference if anyone asks for one.
Sarita NJ
We purchased an Anderson oak Ultimate Captain's bed with twelve side drawers, two end drawers and a mission style headboard in March, 2021. We talked with an Anderson representative on the telephone prior to ordering. All our questions were answered. It was a pleasant experience. Minor issues occurred during shipping. Anderson quickly and satisfactorily resolved them. We are very pleased with their customer service. The assembly instructions were detailed and easy to follow. The various components fit together very well. The bed looks great, and it is definitely stout! It is well-designed and meticulously manufactured. The drawers work very well, and provide a lot of storage. This is a very attractive, well-built piece of furniture. It will last a long time. It is well worth the money! Anyone looking for a captain's bed should look no further than Anderson Please extend our appreciation to everyone involved. Thank you.
Paul & Delores, Oak Ridge Tennessee
We really enjoy our time in this bed. Instructions were spot on and we didn't have to rework anything. Thanks for your business. We have already sent pictures to different people who are interested in this bed. Hopefully they will be in contact with you. Take Care.
K. Reardon, VA
"I would like to comment that I am extremely impressed with the craftsmanship and how everything easily fit together to create a very sturdy platform. Thanks again for making such a wonderful product that is not only well-made but it's made in the United States and Customer Service is the best I've ever dealt with.
L Martin, PA
I am really glad I ordered from you. You have a wonderful product & awesome customer service. I will definitely recommend you!
Maureen D. FL
Thank you for your service and support. The bed is made very well and all pieces have been a fit. You have a wonderful product and I am glad I had chosen to go with your product. Thank you again.
Joe B. VA
"Thank you so much! This mattress makes it possible for me being able to sleep again! And as soon as I lay down . . . I'm asleep (like a 20 something year old!). Nothing better than fabulous sleep for my broken body to finally fell like I'm healing. Thank you again for being at the right place and the right time when I was hunting for a forever bed!!!"
Kimberly, FL
"We purchased your bed six months ago. The comfort has been unsurpassed! Now, whenever we travel away from home we find we are looking forward to coming back just so we can have a good night' sleep. We recommend your bed to everyone we know who is thinking of a new mattress".
J. Root VA
"My lower back, hips, and shoulders do not hurt in the morning the way they used to. Last year I sustained whiplash injuries, and my spinal problems were greatly aggravated by sleeping on our old mattress set. It was a top name and one of their top models but it killed my back. What a relief it is not to wake to a terrible headache from poor neck and spine position. I had made pain relievers a part of my morning routine and now I don't have to do that. Thank you again for such an awesome product. The only bad thing about the bed is that it is so comfortable, I don' want to get out of it every morning!"
S. & J. Halstead TN
"This bed is Perfect! I previously owned a "Select Comfort" (Number Bedâ„¢) mattress and your mattress is 10x' better and more comfortable!!! I could not believe how much better your mattress was!! I am finally sleeping better".
M. Sigman AL
"Deliciously soft - heavenly comfort...are words that came to mind when I first slept on my Pure Health® Mattress. As an older woman with fibromyalgia, I seek all the comfort and ease possible. This mattress has been a joy and a blessing for me. And the beauty of it was I could assemble the parts by myself. THANKS."
M, A. Thorpe OR
"My husband and I are sleeping a lot better and sounder than we did. My husband and I suffer from lower back problems and have not had any pain or stiffness since sleeping on the Pure Health® Mattress we purchased from your company. Thank you for making such a fine product."
P. Roundtree CO
"What a great bed!! We went from a water bed to your ultimate bed and we both love it! So many pluses; better support, yet not hard as a rock like most spring mattresses; I feel like I have the bed to myself because I can make my side the firmness I want without compromising; no more backache or stiffness; I thought I would freeze without the heat from the water bed, but I haven't got cold yet with the same amount of blankets; it's easy to make in the morning. I am recommending it to all of my friends. By the way- I checked out Select Comfort (Number Bedâ„¢) too. I am really glad I decided on yours - I think it's a far better bed.
M. Lish ID
"I just wanted to let you know that I have been sleeping on my Pure Health® mattress for several months. I had a water bed for the past 27 years and needed a new bed when I moved. I love the bed and am more comfortable on it than the water bed. I was involved in an accident two months ago and have two fractured vertebrae. With the bed firm, I am resting well. Thank you.
M. R. Crichlow WI
"Just wanted to tell you that after sleeping on the Pure Health® mattress for less than a month, we love it! We had your numerical competitor (Number Bed™), and although it was fine, we both hated that lump down the middle. Your bed has no lump (wonderful!) Thank you very much for your excellent product!"
D. M. Kraig SD
"We love our new bed. I had not been able to get rid of my sore back for years, but with the new mattress that we have purchased from you, that is no longer a problem. I have not had to see the chiropractor since about one month after purchasing the bed."
The Orsetts WI
"I bought your double bed and Pure Health® mattress, and I can' tell you how much fun I had putting it together. I have fibromyalgia, broken vertebrae and osteoporosis, but I didn' let that stop me. I did it all by myself and loved every minute of it. The mattress is wonderful. I found it even better than my Select Comfort (Number Bed™) mattress".
C. Paulson FL
"I am delighted with the relief I have gotten and less painful nights. I have a condition called fibromyalgia which is a chronic, painful condition of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.... I have had several expensive beds, none of which gave me the relief I get from yours. I used to hate going to bed even when I was extremely tired because I knew I would have a night of total pain - now I look forward to it! I am delighted in the quality of construction. Being severely allergic to dust mites, not having a dusty area under my bed is great. I need to totally clean my bed every month so the washable cover was an answer to my prayers."
D. S. Poths MN
"My wife and I are immensely satisfied with the Pure Health® Mattress. It has almost completely solved my sleep problems by changing my entire attitude toward sleep in a very positive fashion. I now look forward to the deep restful sleep that I get at night. We consider it to be one of the very best investments we have made. You can count us among your most satisfied customers and I immediately recommend your quality mattress."
C. Voparil NY
"We find the Pure Health® Mattress to be perfect. It gives my back good support and her side can be a little softer."
Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Denny, MN
"We recently purchased two 3-drawer twin and a twin Pure Health® mattress for my 12 year old daughter. Before we ordered we were concerned that she might not like the mattress. She liked it the first day, and we really knew she liked it when she asked, `how can you sleep on your bed?` and `How can I ever sleep over at anyone' house?` Well, as soon as we complete a few more projects around the house we'll be putting an order in for ourselves."
V. Porcelli
"It' the most continually comfortable mattress we have ever owned."
E. De Simone NY
"Both my husband and I say (almost every morning and night) `What a terrific bed we have bought! No more morning backaches! No more tossing and turning!` The mattress truly is fabulous!"
L. Parshook PA
"It is a delight, we sleep so much better now. We bought the queen dual control air & now -unless you want to- you would never know another person is there, you don' feel every move made on the other side."
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Phillips AR
"If we ever need to purchase another bed or mattress, the decision as to what to buy, and where to buy it, will be the easiest we've ever had to make!"
L. & D. Bishop MD
"Your air mattress is a great concept. Gives good back support, and best of all, each of us makes our own place. It' not like a big person vs. a small person fighting for a place on a conventional mattress."
L. & T. Spitzer NC
"We sure have enjoyed our new Pure Health® mattress. Although we had no sleeping problems, we have found this mattress to be very comfortable in the 2 months we've had it. No pressure spots, just comfort."
D. Sheely MD
"With our old box spring and mattress, if either my wife or I did some tossing or turning during the night, or when either of us got off the bed, the other certainly knew about it. That is not the case with your mattress. That makes sleeping even more restful."
H. I. Gould CA
"My husband and I agree that your bed is the most comfortable we have ever slept on."
H. Brown
"Our bed looks right at home in our bedroom, but the best part is bedtime. I have never slept in greater comfort. My better half agrees. Thank you both, and all your dedicated staff. We, and our 2 cats are all very, very happy that we found Anderson and our Ultimate Bed."
M. S. Minarik PA
"The adjustable Pure Health® mattress has been a joy and we really haven' had a bad night' sleep since we purchased it. When you purchase something this expensive over the internet you often wonder about the company you are doing business with. They are essentially a url and a voice on the phone. I think that I chose wisely in this instance. I will be happy and confident in recommending others to you"!
I. R. Holzman NJ
"We received our order and have assembled it. I have to say it is about the best engineered product I have had the pleasure to use.
D. Daly, WA
We got our product & it looks very nice when it's put together...I like the extra drawers as they come in handy. It's very solid which I like. Thank you for your product. #264
Marily & Bob, CA
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