Deluxe Mattress Platform (C2)
Forms the top of the underbed dresser and supports and holds your mattress in place. It eliminates the useless, money wasting, space-wasting box spring. The platform edges prevent the mattress from bowing out at the sides and from moving on the platform.

Solid Hardwood
Smoothly Sanded
Rounded Edges
Box Spring
6, 12 or 18
Underbed Dresser
Plastic Corners

at Head of Bed
Wood Corners

at Foot of Bed
See Photo

Our Mattress Platform (C2) fits on top of the Bedroom Organizer™ underbed dresser. It supports our Mattress, Headboards, and Bedside Tables. It can also be used to support other mattresses. The platform is made of four plywood or strandboard panels (your choice). The edges are made of clear aspen or oak hardwood, which is hand sanded and beautifully stained to match the underbed dresser (Also available ready to finish). Your bed spread can hang over the platform edge, or it can be tucked under the mattress so that the finished platform edges show See photo. It is shipped unassembled and is easily assembled with a battery screwdriver. All hardware is included.
NOTE: Platform is not necessary when using a box spring.
Measurements from top of platform surface to floor are:
(Height with 6-drawer underbed dresser: 9.5")
(Height with 12-drawer underbed dresser 18.5")
(Height with 18-drawer underbed dresser 27.5")

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