Our Pure Health® Memory Foam Air Mattress is the only mattress you can buy with pure wool in a removable,machine washable, antimicrobial treated top that prevents dust mite infestation.
Literally millions of dust mites live in your beds and pillows. Each dust mite produces about 20 particles of waste each day and that's what humans are allergic to. Controlling the nest (pillows and mattresses) is the key to managing dust mites. NOTE: A new mattress can become infested by millions of house dust mites within 4 months, and up to half the weight of an old pillow can be made up of dead dust mites, their eggs, feces, and human skin flakes. Humans shed about a billion flakes of skin every night in bed supplying the food upon which the dust mite lives. Humans also expel up to a pint of fluid each night, providing the moisture the dust mite needs to survive. Our dust mite proof Pure Health® mattress cover can be machine washed.

According to scientific studies, the average person, due to pressure points caused by mattresses, tosses and turns from forty to one hundred times each night during sleep. This causes dry skin flakes, dust mite carcasses, and dust mite droppings to be expelled into the air they breathe, where they can remain air borne for up to eight hours. These microscopic particles penetrate deep into your lungs as you breathe. Our Pure Health® mattress gets rid of tossing and turning.

Harmful Effects Of The Dust mite
Dust mites thrive in conditions of low light and high humidity, making pillows we breathe into, and mattresses we perspire on, the perfect habitat for dust mites. They can cause sneezing, burning nose, itchy eyes, night-time cough and wheezing. According to research, asthmatics are most at risk with up to 80% reacting to the house dust mite allergens. Sufferers may also experience hay fever and sinus problems. Dust mites are the main contributor to half of the asthma cases. Sleep is vital to good health and essential for the immune system, but allergy sufferers (due to dust mites) often experience disturbed sleep, which leaves them tired the following day. NOTE: Losing only one hour of sleep each night of the week takes the same toll on the body as staying awake an entire night. Our Pure Health® mattress is treated for dust mites.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself
You spend 1/3 of your life, about 8 hours every day, lying on a bed and breathing into your pillow. During that time, you can be in direct contact with literally millions of dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungus. You need our antimicrobial, machine washable mattress. No other mattress offers all the benefits of the Pure Health® Mattress. Our Pure Health® mattress can protect you from these conditions. The following suggestions are helpful for protecting yourself:
  1. If possible, purchase a mattress (such as ours) that has a removable top that is antimicrobial treated.
  2. Use antimicrobial treated mattress pads to prevent odors, molds, mildew, fungus, germs, and dust mite contamination. See Mattress Pad
  3. Wash sheets once or twice a week in 130 degree water.
  4. Wash your pillow cases weekly, and your pillows monthly in 130 degree water. Dry them thoroughly. Use only non-allergenic pillows . Replace your pillow annually.
  5. Keep your bedroom clean and dust free by wiping weekly with a damp cloth. Vacuuming will not get rid of dust mites! Vacuum your carpet with a hepa-type filtration system.
  6. Keep indoor relative humidity below 50%.
Our Pure Health® Memory Foam Air Mattress is the only mattress with a removable, machine washable, antibacterial, pure wool filled mattress top that prevents dust mite infestation.
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