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How the Pure Health™ Mattress Works
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The Pure Health™ Mattress has two air chambers and that can be independently adjusted from "pillow-soft" to "extra firm", to suit the individual preference of each sleeper (Not in Tempurpedic® Mattress).

The dual "push button" firmness control can instantly change the firmness of each side and of the mattress to suit the specific size, weight, and shape of each sleeping partner. When you change the mattress firmness for various reasons, the control has a unique memory function that automatically instantly returns the firmness to your "preset" most comfortable firmness setting (Not in Tempur® or Sleep Number® Bed).

The amount of air in each air chamber determines the firmness for each sleeper. The desired comfort and proper spinal support are achieved simply and instantly with the press of the control buttons . NOTE: Twin and full size beds have only one air chamber. (Not in Tempur-pedic®)

The shape of the arrows illustrates how smoothly the air conforms to the body's shape, providing smooth, uniform support to the entire body, regardless of sleeping position, size, weight, or shape. The springs that cause pressure points in innerspring mattresses are totally eliminated! So is the tossing and turning, backaches, stiffness, and numbness that is caused by the springs. (Not in Tempur-pedic®)

The edge of the mattress is firmer for comfortable sitting, due to the high-density foam rails that completely surround, and fully protect the air chambers from ever being damaged.

A 3" thick layer of specially formulated, NASA developed memory foam, completely covers the top of the air chambers and side rails. No other foam has the unique properties of memory foam, which is heat sensitive. As it warms from your body's temperature, it molds to the exact shape of your body, as it uniformly and completely support your entire body on a cushion of foam cells, alleviating all pressure points. (Not in Sleep Number® Mattress)
The plush mattress top cover contains 100% pure wool, which is antimicrobial treated and dust mite resistant. Because wool's fibers are soft and springy, they naturally conform to your body's shape. And, because wool can absorb up to 1/3 of its own weight in moisture, it continually draws moisture away from your body all night long, keeping you (and your sheets) drier. Studies show that on average, a person perspires up to one cup of fluid each night, so, this is a very desirable and unique feature. Keep in mind also, that wool keeps you cooler when it's hot, yet warmer when it's cold! Wool is also fire retardant. (Not in Tempur-pedic® or Sleep Number® Mattress)

The plush mattress top cover is made of a beautiful, soft blend of polyester and bamboo, which is so comfortable because air can pass freely through it. The fabric is beautifully quilted, smooth to the touch, durable, and above all, the top is removable and machine-washable, which is a tremendous advantage over other mattress tops, which are not machine washable, and, therefore, are infested with germs, molds, mildew, dry skin flakes, perspiration, dirt, dust mites, stains, and odors from years of use. (Not in Tempur-pedic® or Sleep Number® Bed)

An optional thermostatically controlled mattress top cools or heats each side of the mattress, providing each sleeper with ultimate comfort.

A continuous Velcro™ strip completely encircles the mattress, permitting simple removal and replacement after routine machine washing. The Velcro™ is easy to use, and far more durable than a zipper. It positively will never wear out, or break like a zipper from use. (Not Tempur-pedic® or Sleep Number® Mattress)

The platform's solid wood edge completely surrounds the entire mattress, preventing the bottom edge from bulging out due to sitting on the edge of the bed. Without this feature, other mattresses, such as Sleep Number Matress®, Tempur-Pedic®, and spring mattresses can bulge out at the sides. This "bulging out" is not covered by warnanties.

Our Pure Health™ Mattress is designed to far outlast other mattresses (spring mattresses can last as little as one year). If our mattress is ever damaged, all components are replacable. (But you can't replace any parts in a spring mattress - you usually have to purchase both the box spring and the mattress as a set). As your body changes over your lifetime, the Mattress wil adjust to it. You can test our Pure Health™ Mattress for 30 nights, so your satisfaction is 100% assured.
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