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Pure Health® Memory Foam Air Mattress
Testimonial Letters

This small sampling of excerpts taken from the thousands of wonderful letters we have on file from our customers will hopefully give you a good cross-section of their comments.

"We purchased your bed six months ago. The comfort has been unsurpassed! Now, whenever we travel away from home we find we are looking forward to coming back just so we can have a good night' sleep. We recommend your bed to everyone we know who is thinking of a new mattress".
J. Root VA

"My lower back, hips, and shoulders do not hurt in the morning the way they used to. Last year I sustained whiplash injuries, and my spinal problems were greatly aggravated by sleeping on our old mattress set. It was a top name and one of their top models but it killed my back. What a relief it is not to wake to a terrible headache from poor neck and spine position. I had made pain relievers a part of my morning routine and now I don't have to do that. Thank you again for such an awesome product. The only bad thing about the bed is that it is so comfortable, I don' want to get out of it every morning!"
S. & J. Halstead TN

"This bed is Perfect! I previously owned a "Select Comfort" (Number Bed™) mattress and your mattress is 10x' better and more comfortable!!! I could not believe how much better your mattress was!! I am finally sleeping better".
M. Sigman AL

"Deliciously soft - heavenly comfort...are words that came to mind when I first slept on my Pure Health® Mattress. As an older woman with fibromyalgia, I seek all the comfort and ease possible. This mattress has been a joy and a blessing for me. And the beauty of it was I could assemble the parts by myself. THANKS."
M, A. Thorpe OR

"My husband and I are sleeping a lot better and sounder than we did. My husband and I suffer from lower back problems and have not had any pain or stiffness since sleeping on the Pure Health® Mattress we purchased from your company. Thank you for making such a fine product."
P. Roundtree CO

"What a great bed!! We went from a water bed to your ultimate bed and we both love it! So many pluses; better support, yet not hard as a rock like most spring mattresses; I feel like I have the bed to myself because I can make my side the firmness I want without compromising; no more backache or stiffness; I thought I would freeze without the heat from the water bed, but I haven't got cold yet with the same amount of blankets; it's easy to make in the morning. I am recommending it to all of my friends. By the way- I checked out Select Comfort (Number Bed™) too. I am really glad I decided on yours - I think it's a far better bed.
M. Lish ID

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been sleeping on my Pure Health® mattress for several months. I had a water bed for the past 27 years and needed a new bed when I moved. I love the bed and am more comfortable on it than the water bed. I was involved in an accident two months ago and have two fractured vertebrae. With the bed firm, I am resting well. Thank you.
M. R. Crichlow WI

"Just wanted to tell you that after sleeping on the Pure Health® mattress for less than a month, we love it! We had your numerical competitor (Number Bed™), and although it was fine, we both hated that lump down the middle. Your bed has no lump (wonderful!) Thank you very much for your excellent product!"
D. M. Kraig SD

"We love our new bed. I had not been able to get rid of my sore back for years, but with the new mattress that we have purchased from you, that is no longer a problem. I have not had to see the chiropractor since about one month after purchasing the bed."
The Orsetts WI

"I bought your double bed and Pure Health® mattress, and I can' tell you how much fun I had putting it together. I have fibromyalgia, broken vertebrae and osteoporosis, but I didn' let that stop me. I did it all by myself and loved every minute of it. The mattress is wonderful. I found it even better than my Select Comfort (Number Bed™) mattress".
C. Paulson FL

"I am delighted with the relief I have gotten and less painful nights. I have a condition called fibromyalgia which is a chronic, painful condition of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.... I have had several expensive beds, none of which gave me the relief I get from yours. I used to hate going to bed even when I was extremely tired because I knew I would have a night of total pain - now I look forward to it! I am delighted in the quality of construction. Being severely allergic to dust mites, not having a dusty area under my bed is great. I need to totally clean my bed every month so the washable cover was an answer to my prayers."
D. S. Poths MN

"My wife and I are immensely satisfied with the Pure Health® Mattress. It has almost completely solved my sleep problems by changing my entire attitude toward sleep in a very positive fashion. I now look forward to the deep restful sleep that I get at night. We consider it to be one of the very best investments we have made. You can count us among your most satisfied customers and I immediately recommend your quality mattress."
C. Voparil NY

"We find the Pure Health® Mattress to be perfect. It gives my back good support and her side can be a little softer."
Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Denny, MN

"We recently purchased two 3-drawer twin and a twin Pure Health® mattress for my 12 year old daughter. Before we ordered we were concerned that she might not like the mattress. She liked it the first day, and we really knew she liked it when she asked, `how can you sleep on your bed?` and `How can I ever sleep over at anyone' house?` Well, as soon as we complete a few more projects around the house we'll be putting an order in for ourselves."
V. Porcelli

"It' the most continually comfortable mattress we have ever owned."
E. De Simone NY

"Both my husband and I say (almost every morning and night) `What a terrific bed we have bought! No more morning backaches! No more tossing and turning!` The mattress truly is fabulous!"
L. Parshook PA

"It is a delight, we sleep so much better now. We bought the queen dual control air & now -unless you want to- you would never know another person is there, you don' feel every move made on the other side."
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Phillips AR

"If we ever need to purchase another bed or mattress, the decision as to what to buy, and where to buy it, will be the easiest we've ever had to make!"
L. & D. Bishop MD

"Your air mattress is a great concept. Gives good back support, and best of all, each of us makes our own place. It' not like a big person vs. a small person fighting for a place on a conventional mattress."
L. & T. Spitzer NC

"We sure have enjoyed our new Pure Health® mattress. Although we had no sleeping problems, we have found this mattress to be very comfortable in the 2 months we've had it. No pressure spots, just comfort."
D. Sheely MD

"With our old box spring and mattress, if either my wife or I did some tossing or turning during the night, or when either of us got off the bed, the other certainly knew about it. That is not the case with your mattress. That makes sleeping even more restful."
H. I. Gould CA

"My husband and I agree that your bed is the most comfortable we have ever slept on."
H. Brown

"Our bed looks right at home in our bedroom, but the best part is bedtime. I have never slept in greater comfort. My better half agrees. Thank you both, and all your dedicated staff. We, and our 2 cats are all very, very happy that we found Anderson and our Ultimate Bed."
M. S. Minarik PA

"The adjustable Pure Health® mattress has been a joy and we really haven' had a bad night' sleep since we purchased it. When you purchase something this expensive over the internet you often wonder about the company you are doing business with. They are essentially a url and a voice on the phone. I think that I chose wisely in this instance. I will be happy and confident in recommending others to you"!
I. R. Holzman NJ

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