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How It Works
The BEDROOM ORGANIZER is a solid wood, dust proof Underbed Dresser that complely replaces your steel bed frame and attaches directly to your box spring frame or our platform. It's available to fit all bed sizes and can accommodate beds with 2 piece box springs as well as most waterbeds. It's much stronger and sturdier than a steel frame, and therefore, completely eliminates bed sagging. There are 2 sculptured finger pulls routed into the ends of each drawer face for conveniece in opening the drawers. The 6-drawer universal adjusts to fit double, queen, and king size beds and has three drawers on each side of the bed. The 6-drawer universal can also be double stacked to make a 12-drawer universal (6 drawers on each side of the bed). The 12 drawer is our most popular unit. The twin underbed dresser has 3 or 6 drawers on one side of the bed. The BEDROOM ORGANIZER is designed to sit flat on the floor to make it dust-proof, and therefore does not have casters.

What's At The Foot Of The Bed
There are 2 self closing, hinged doors that cover a long center storage compartment, which is handly for storing items such as skis, fishing poles, table boards, wrapping paper, flag poles, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, etc. This area is 6 ft. long by 9" high (18" when stacking two 6-drawer underbed dressers). The 6 foot long center storage area varies in width according to bed size (double 8", queen 15", and king 30"). Six foot long end drawers, that fit into the center opening are available. They fit all bed sizes except double. The capacity of one end drawer is equal to 2-1/2 side drawers. Ladies - one end drawer can hold up to 20 pairs of your shoes!

Sizes & Dimensions
All underbed dressers are 9" high and 75" long. When double stacked (12 drawer dresser or 6 drawer twin) the BEDROOM ORGANIZER is 18" high, and is generally used with a platform in place of the box spring. The BEDROOM ORGANIZER has 3, 6, or 12 large drawers approx. 5-1/2" x 17" x 19-1/2" inside dimensions. The drawers stay one inch above the carpet and extend out 12" when fully opened.

Shipping & Assembling
The BEDROOM ORGANIZER (as shipped) can be transported in most cars and has been assembled by men and women of all ages. All parts fit together with tongue and grooved joints. Screw holes are predrilled. The screws are color coded. Each assembly step is illustrated. The only tools required for assembly are a screwdriver (preferably battery powered) and a tape measure. For rearranging furniture, the BEDROOM ORGANIZER can be moved with partial disassembly.

What Is It Made Of
The exterior (what you see) can be beautiful ponderosa pine or oak (your choice). Internal panels are made of chipboard or plywood (your choice) for superior strength. The drawers are solid wood with strong hard board bottoms and glide on precision slides, so they work perfectly smooth. They will never bind or stick!

Color & Stain Information
The BEDROOM ORGANIZER has a beautiful Scandanavian oil stain finish (no top coat). After hand sanding, it is hand stained to bring out the beautiful rich quality of the natural wood grain. It is available in two colors - light honey and medium walnut stain. (Due to many variables, stain colors vary on natural wood.) It can also be ordered ready to finish, so you can apply the finish of your choice. Bear in mind that your bedspread or bed skirt may be covering the BEDROOM ORGANIZER, and therefore color may not be a serious consideration for you.

Positively The Best Dollar Value In Storage!
The 6 and 12 drawer universal BEDROOM ORGANIZER adjusts to fit full, queen, or king size beds (in case you should change your bed size in the future). It is positively the best dollar value in storage. For example, for the price of a standard box spring, mattress, and bed drame, you can have the worlds best "adjustable" mattress, a platform (which replaces the box spring), and a 6 drawer BEDROOM ORGANIZER. The BEDROOM ORGANIZER is dust proof, therefore, routine underbed cleaning is eliminated. If you need additional drawer storage, the Anderson BEDROOM ORGANIZER is the best answer. It's economical, it doesn't require floor space, it's convenient to use, it's beautiful and quality made, it eliminates routine underbed cleaning and it extends the life of your box spring and mattress. We personally guarantee the quality of our BEDROOM ORGANIZER.

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